What’s inside a Hockey Puck?

– Okay, welcome back
to our YouTube channel, What’s Inside. Today we have a hockey puck, this is a legitimate hockey puck. It’s never been used on
the ice, we just bought it off of Amazon just for the sole purpose of cutting it open. One important thing about
cutting open a hockey puck is that we’re going to be
using a heavy, duty machine here today that I’m not the
handiest person in the world so safety first. I have my fancy, fluorescent gloves on. Lincoln has his glasses on. I’ll put some glasses on and
let’s get this party started. All right, I got this
little stick, we cut it out a little bit so that we can
hold it, see how this works. All right, first time I’ve
ever used one of these saws in my life (laughing). That shouldn’t make
you feel uncomfortable. Here we go. (saw machine screeching) (laughing) Apparently, you’re supposed to
turn off off the actual thing before you lift it up (laughing). Rookie mistake. After cutting it open,
here’s what we have. Take a look at it. Surprise, surprise, it’s rubber inside. Where’s the other half, anybody see it? – [Voiceover] RIght there. – [Voiceover] Oh, it’s in
there, in a scary jaws. – [Voiceover] (laughing) it smells. – [Voiceover] It does, it really stinks. – [Voiceover] Smell of urinal cakes. – After I clean up this mess,
we’ll be done with this one and get it posted on YouTube. There you go, all you, hockey fans. If you have any other
suggestions of what you would like us to cut open, just let us know. (saw machine screeching in slow motion)

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