What’s inside a Metal Baseball Bat?

(bat clangs) – Oh man!
(laughter) – Welcome back to What’s Inside.
I’m Lincoln, this is Dan. – And today, we’re here with a couple of metal baseball bats. This is a Rawling’s Plasma 34-inch, 31 oz. baseball bat. – I have a Easton Reflex
bat that is 27 inches, and I hit two home runs
when I played baseball a couple years back. – You may recognize this
bat from the TV video where we cut open the TV. Lincoln and Kai took
this bat and smashed it against the TV to break the screen open. Rather than hit a bunch of baseballs, we’re here in our backyard,
and we have some peaches. (laughs) This branch is really heavy, and we need to take some of these peaches off because it’s just getting too heavy, it’s gonna break the branch. So, might as well put ’em to good use, ’cause they’re not quite ripe, and give ’em a swing with the bat, let’s see if we can smash ’em. – Let’s hit ’em. (bat clangs)
(Mom yelps in surprise) – I just got sprayed! – Check this out! There’s the seed! It completely demolished the entire peach! – [Dan] It just exploded!
– [Lincoln] And my bat– And my bat is like, I hit it right there, and it’s like (mimics explosion) – That’s a home run. – And I’m like covered in peach juice. (bat clangs) (Dan yelps in surprise) (bat clangs) – [Lincoln] It went
all the way over there! – There’s a bunch of people
for a wedding next door, and they like looked
around after the peach. I think they got a little
peach juice on their head, they were like, “Ooh, what’s this? “It’s raining peaches!” (laughs) So you can see, check
it out, there’s like a big old wedding going on
at that barn behind us, and here’s where all the people walk. – They got peached! – [Dan] They got peached. (Lincoln laughs) There’s the middle. Ow! – It sliced it! – Oh, look at that! It hit
my belt and it broke in half. (Lincoln and Dan laugh) So this has been a success, I think we need to invent a new game, peachball, instead of baseball, you just
come out and hit peaches. – [Lincoln] That sounds fun.
– [Dan] That’s pretty sweet. – Time to cut these things
open. Let’s do this! (upbeat music) – Bat number one, we got it cut most of the way, so let’s
see what it looks like. Let’s see if we can actually get it open. There’s the top part. Look inside. Check it out. – What?! It’s hollow
inside, I thought it was gonna be pure metal the whole way through! – Take a look, it’s hollow, but I need to break it open, because the end of it, I couldn’t get that very well. So I’m gonna see if I can just break it. – It’s gonna snap. (Dan laughs) – [Dan] Look at the bat.
– [Lincoln] It’s a “V”. – That’s pretty funny. Okay, I’m gonna need to cut it a little bit more. (buzzsaw whirring) – [Dan] There we go.
– [Lincoln] Oh yeah! – No wonder it was tricky;
see if you can grab it, buddy. It might be a little sharp, though. – Sharp? – Yep. Look at the
edges, they’ll be sharp. So it looks like the
middle part is full of some gooey, sticky stuff. That’s why it was smoking a little bit. We are back, it’s morning, it
just got too dark last night. But check out this bat,
we left it out here, and look at the little
gooey stuff that’s on there, and then it’s just
hollow all the way through it. Pretty cool, right? – Yeah. – So, let’s cut this other
bat and see if it’s similar. (buzzsaw whirring) (Dan laughs) – That is so incredibly fast,
I can’t believe it. Wow. So much easier than that other bat. Okay, now give it a try, let’s see if we can do this. – [Lincoln] Wa-haaa!
– [Dan] There she is. – [Lincoln] I got it!
– [Dan] Two hollow bats. No gooey stuff in it, right? – No. – There’s the bat,
there’s two bats cut open, both of ’em are hollow, this one is much thicker metal, let’s put it next to each other, and you can take a look at it. You see the two differences in thickness? That’s why it was so much easier to cut through this one, it
took about two minutes, and this one took about 30 minutes. – That’s what’s inside of
a kid’s metal baseball bat and an adult metal baseball bat. – So there we go, thanks so much for watching, if you liked this video, like it below, give us some comments on what things you’d like us to cut open, and please subscribe to our channel, if you haven’t already. (funky music) – Look at his face. (laughs) – [Lincoln] What’s happening?
– [Dan] It got peached. (Lincoln laughs) It’s all over. – [Mom] Oof! (everyone laughs) – All right, let’s do another
one. Little high, little high. (Mom laughs) – You laid an egg! (Mom yelps) – [Mom] We need a pitcher! – What? – We need a pitcher! – I’m a great pitcher,
what are you talking about? – I mean, like a catcher, not a pitcher. (everyone laughs) – You’re the pitcher,
nothin’ barely hit ya! – Oh my gosh, okay. (slow motion scream)

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  1. I can tell yur son hasn't played alot of baseball because all bats "besides wood" have nothing inside they are all hollow😂😂

  2. This kid brags about hitting homer is maybe it’s cuz he’s using a drop 3 baseball bat in a tiny field I hit homer us with a drop 12 in the same size field he gets it easy

  3. I love your vids! Please if you could I like music so could you open a microphone! If you could at least get one that would be cool!

  4. Kid, a solid piece of aluminum that large would be way too heavy for you to use, also that is a distinctly hollow sound, a solid bar wouldn't be so loud.

  5. I smashed 3 clutch Homer’s, game tied 1-1, hit a homer dead right field game 2-1, got back to me in that inning hit one dead center with a runner on 3rd 4-1, two innings later 4-3 smashed one center field again 5-3 we won

  6. Ya know I found this out before watching the video. By smacking the bat against trees the pole on a basketball goal and a brick wall

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