Wheelchair Hockey, Edmonton

Anthony, we know
that you love hockey. ANTHONY MCLACHLAN: I sure do. There’s nothing better
than being on the ice. And I just love the
competitive fire of the game. VICTORIA NOLAN: Well,
for hockey lovers who have mobility
challenges, it can be tough to find a game of shinny. ANTHONY MCLACHLAN: But thanks
to the Paralympics Sports Association, Edmonton,
there’s a weekly program that’s adapted the sport
so everyone can try their hand at stick-handling. VICTORIA NOLAN: The
only stipulation? You have to use a wheelchair. Edmonton’s Alex
Smyth wanted to see if he was up for the challenge. HOCKEY PLAYER: Here we go. Here we go. Oh! Oh! Goalie ball. Nice stop. AMY HAYWARD: Today we are
playing wheelchair floor hockey. My name is Amy Hayward, and
I am a program coordinator for the Paralympic
Sports Association. It’s just like stand-up
hockey except some people are in their manual
chair, some people are in their electric chairs. HOCKEY PLAYER: Oh! Nice stop, guys. AMY HAYWARD: So we have
awesome volunteers. They come, and they
get everyone set up. They get their helmets on. They get their sticks. If we need some extra
players, they get in a chair. They’re dropping the ball,
keeping the ball in play, reffing it as they go. They’re fabulous. Without my volunteers,
this program cannot run. HOCKEY PLAYER: No! HOCKEY PLAYER: Nice job, Vince. ALEX SMYTH: Matt Day
started volunteering with PSA’s wheelchair floor
hockey seven years ago. MATT DAY: I wasn’t doing
anything on Monday nights. And I’m still doing it today
and still having a fun time. HOCKEY PLAYER: Oh! Nice stop. MATT DAY: Once the
participants arrive, we just get everyone ready
to go as quickly as we can because they’re
rip and ready to go. Sometimes, I will be
pushing wheelchairs. And if we have to
even out teams, I’ll play sometimes in one
of the extra wheelchairs. Or sometimes you just got to
referee and make sure that they keep it clean out there. HOCKEY PLAYER: Ah! Coming in too fast. AMY HAYWARD: Most
of our participants have their certain
positions they play. ALEX SMYTH: Kevin Lloyd
always plays defense. KEVIN LLOYD: I’ve been playing
floor hockey since 1999. I enjoy it. It gets me out for an hour. HOCKEY PLAYER: Oh, no you don’t! I saw that one coming. KEVIN LLOYD: I actually get to
watch where the ball is coming. And if it comes towards me
then I keep it out of our net so that the other
team doesn’t score. I would rather my team win
and the other team lose. ALEX SMYTH: Tonight, Amy invited
me to get into a wheelchair and participate. Any tips for a
first time player? KEVIN LLOYD: No. You’ll just have to figure
it out for yourself. MATT DAY: All right,
Alex, face off. AMY HAYWARD: The wheelchair
floor hockey program has been going over 20 years. This is a place that they
get to see each other, hang out with their friends. ALEX SMYTH: Oh! So close. I had a hard time keeping up
with players like John Sloan. So John, why do you come here? JOHN SLOAN: For exercise
and entertainment. Playing on a team. ALEX SMYTH: Nice shot, John. AMY HAYWARD: John’s just
on his a-game today. ALEX SMYTH: What is your
favorite part about today? JOHN SLOAN: Just being
with other people, doing the same thing,
working on the same goal. HOCKEY PLAYER: Oh! Nice try. AMY HAYWARD: Try it out. It’s a lot of fun. I love getting into it. It’s a really good workout. We all know when you get in
there that everyone’s going to be quite tired at the end. It’s really hard. It’s challenging. But it’s fun to play. I need a longer
stick or longer arms. One of the two. MATT DAY: It’s a fun evening. It’s not even really
like volunteering for me. It’s just like an
activity that I get to come out with some people
that I’ve developed friendships over with here. And we just have a
good time once a week. And it’s just a fun evening. HOCKEY PLAYER: Oh, no you don’t! Oh! Good goal.

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