When You Can’t Miss the Cricket Match | Sahil Anand | Karan Veer Mehra | Shruti Kanwar

Are you scared of the new ball?
I am not scared of my wife too I like to open like Kohli You are not scared of the new ball, right?
That guy is scared…. Karan. Who did not come because of Neha, his wife. He’s here, He’s here!
I’ll call you I am not scared of anyone How did you come? Neha did not allow you, right?
I don’t listen to anyone. Also, I am not scared like other husbands! Didn’t Neha strictly said not to go? How did you come tell me!
Ya, let her say no You wanna know what I did?
What? Then listen. I’ll go And…nobody can stop me from going Do you understand? For men like us Mom comes first, Then Cricket and then Girlfriend This is about my country I mean it’s about my country’s building’s C Wing And you want our C Wing to lose?
No, right? Then where’s my bat? Baby! What is it? Best of Luck! You eat the rest Oh!
I am all prepared brother I’ll hit century today.
Now listen. Please keep all this in your kit bag. You didn’t get your kit bag? I swear this happened…for Ashwin and his team But you guys are my own so I can tell you But please don’t tell anyone Actually Neha didn’t let me go but… Wanna know what happened next? Baby shall I go?
Have you seen Pink (film)? Yes I have.
NO MEANS NO! Baby please let me go. Why are you doing this to me? Please let me watch the TV. Don’t disturb me. Please Please Please.
No Baby! Please spend some time with me. Baby this is wrong! Nowadays these Bigg Boss people give so easy tasks! Anyone can do it.
You think this is easy? Ofcourse. this is very easy. As if you can do it.
I can do it easily. But you won’t be able to do it. If you can do it then I can obviously do it. Ok then let’s play Are you serious? Can you see anything? Now you apply the perfume Baby watch out! What happened? Caught you! Now your turn. Baby ready? Yes now you apply the perfume.
Yes Yes. Baby where are you? So this… Let’s go bro.
yes. Let’s go otherwise Neha will come.
No Neha won’t come. Why? Let’s go.

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