Which Baseball Stadium Has The Best Food In America?

Hey, I’m Meredith Cash, and I’m a food reporter for Insider. I’m Tyler Lauletta, and I’m a
sports reporter for Insider. We are here at MLB Foodfest,
trying out the best food that Major League Baseball has to offer. Meredith: I don’t like it. It’s not for me. Tyler: It tastes like home. Meredith: Thirty teams are in the MLB, there are 30 stations here, and we’re gonna try and pick a winner, best food in baseball. Tyler: Let’s go eat.
Meredith: Let’s do it. Go Angels! Go Dodgers! Let’s go Yankees! Tyler: It’s not bad. It’s fried food and cocktail sauce. I swear my parents are proud of me. Meredith: Here we go. It’s tough, and it’s all over my face. But it is delicious. I think pickles and hot
dogs are a weird combo, but I like it a lot. Tyler: My favorite so far. Meredith: Ooh! Oho! It’s got a kick. Whoo! Tyler: We are now in line to
try the Philly cheesesteak from the Philadelphia Phillies. I’m a Philly native. Meredith: I’m a little nervous
about Philly bias here. We’re trying to do a very routine system. Tyler: It tastes like home. Meredith: So, the Yankee
fan in me is very nervous that this is gonna be, like, delicious. It’s the reverse Philly bias, essentially. Like, I’m nervous. Big, big Yankee fan growing up, so, like, don’t tell my
family that I enjoyed this or I’ll get disowned. Tyler: Mm, that’s really good. The pork is awesome, holy crap. Meredith: I’ve had a cricket, I’ve just never had a grasshopper before, and I’m excited and nervous. The guy at the stand
just told me there are two different ways to eat them. You can take them like a shot
and then bite into the lime, or season it. It’s different, but not for me. But I’m glad I tried it. That’s my favorite so far, by far. Tyler: Whoa. There’s,
like, an instant sugar. Like, I feel wired right now. Like, oh, man. Wow. I have to, like, run a mile now. Meredith: That’s good. That’s really good. I wasn’t expecting it to be so good. Tyler: OK, well, we just tried basically every great food that
baseball has to offer. Meredith: We had a lot to eat. Tyler: A tour around the baseball world. I was in charge of picking the National League winner. We went with the Pittsburgh Pirates’ pierogi hoagie, and, Mer? Meredith: I was in charge
of the AL, and I picked the Baltimore Orioles’ crab
mac and cheese hot dog, and it was special. Tyler: So, now we are
going to exchange winning plates and decide a
food-world-series champion, or something to that effect.
Meredith: Here we go. Tyler: All right. Meredith: Gotta get a
lot of the onion on here. Tyler: Yeah, right? Both: Cheers. Tyler: I think this is it. Meredith: I think this
one is the best because all of the components are very different and stand well on their own, but… Tyler: It works well. Meredith: But together,
it’s, like, just great flavor that complement each
other; it’s delicious. Tyler: Done together. Meredith: You gotta get to Baltimore. Tyler: There you go. Go to Baltimore, go to all your favorite stadiums, to get your favorite eats. Meredith: That’s the game. Tyler: Cheers. Meredith: Cheers. Tyler? Tyler: What’s up?
Meredith: I need you to try a grasshopper. Tyler: Oh, for real?
Meredith: Yes. Tyler: Are we doing this, like, right now? Meredith: Right now. Tyler: Hold on, take the
water, take the water. Meredith: Take the water. Tyler: OK, all right, this is, ah. Tastes fine. It’s just, like, spice. I want the lime, though.

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  2. The hosts and food are COMPLETE SHIT in this one. Everything was overbreaded, skimpy on the goods, and I already know it was overpriced. These ugly liar hosts are full of shit saying everything was good. Yeah I said it lol. BRING BACK HERRINE RO

  3. Are you serious I was looking forward to the mariners because I live in Washington but at this point I’m truly disappointed

  4. I know everyone’s complaining that their favorite team isn’t on here but like the bush stadium in stl come on!!!

  5. That hot dog with the mac and cheese with the crab meat and the old bay seasoning i need to go try that soon that looks very very good.

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