100 thoughts on “Which Came First – The Chicken or the Egg?

  1. Basically the egg came first because a species VERY similar to a chicken laid an egg, containing not something VERY simular to a chicken, but just… A chicken. Chickens don't spawn out of thin air. This isn't Minecraft.

  2. So in a eggshell, two birds that weren't really chickens created a chicken egg, and hence, we have an answer: The egg came first, and then it hatched a chicken.

  3. Me at 9:00pm:I’m gonna stop watching videos and go to sleep

  4. The chicken came before the egg because if the egg came first who will sit on her to became chicken

  5. What came first the Chicken or the Egg?

    This is base on your belief if you believe that the Chicken came first you have a strong feeling that God is real this is because how God created us by making us.

    If you believe in the Egg your smart cause of course its where Chickens come from!

  6. this video is old but who cares to all the dumb asses at there eggs are made of bacteria and everything is made of bacteria there

  7. I've figured it out…
    In the beginning when God created all creatures, NONE came from another one, so technically the chicken came first.

  8. In the bible God said he made animals. A chicken is an animal. Tell me if u see a verse in the bible where God said that he made an egg….

  9. For your All information Two Chickens came first A male chicken and a female chicken if you haven't got knowledge than go read Holy Quran your science is nothing

  10. Question: the egg that lays the first chicken— should we consider it as a proto chicken egg or a chicken egg? If we consider it as a proto chicken egg, then the chicken should come first because proto chicken egg is not the same as a chicken egg.

  11. What if the first chicken was not born from egg rather given birth. And it happen to mutate with an egg laying disorder?

  12. If egg came first, who sat on them so they grow to chicken when chickens were there when there were no incubator. PARADOX ANSWERED

  13. We could pull the whole Jurassic park story and say that someone like us made the eggs for a chicken to come from 😂

  14. Morning we eat eggs and evening we eat chicken… so eggs come first home then chicken 😊
    You guys always thinking of chicken and eggs… but I m thinking of morning and evening…. what comes first evening or morning…? 😐

  15. I think it would be the chicken because god made the chicken to lay more eggs and make more chickens

    It could also be the same thing with the egg

  16. Plot twist: Adam and Eve were scientists and had a secret lab in the tree that had the apple in it

  17. chicken came first because when the egg is called chicken egg that the proto-chicken hatched egg is first but proto-chicken hatched a proto-egg but a chicken is inside it so thats why chickens are first

  18. If we all agree that chickens are only born from eggs then the egg came first, perfect haha
    Also Single celled organisms (the egg) came long before multi cellular organisms (the chicken). Again the egg. Probably be a shorter video though haha

  19. What came first the chicken or the egg the answer is simple but yet very hard a chicken is born from an egg a chicken is from an egg and egg is a baby chicken the answer is there is no answer wild risen answer the answer is if there was if we had a chicken and an egg and it came first I would have to I would have to figure out what was first it's kind of hard to explain okay so we have a we have a real dinosaurs that live a meteor right shrine and then it evolved into a chicken dim the chicken laid an egg the answer is the dinosaur that survived the extinction of dinosaurs

  20. obvious the answer is the dinosaur that survived the dinosaur extinction that formed all birds and that includes a chicken so that's the answer

  21. Well if the egg cane first, you can answer the schrödinger's riddle too.. you got to have a point zero from where you define your 1.

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