White-nose bat syndrome strikes North Carolina

Today we are at a mine that is used by hibernating bats
and we’re monitoring bats and also doing surveillance. White Nose Syndrome was recently discovered in North Carolina in Avery County. White Nose Syndrome is an emergent disease that is devastating bat populations. White Nose Syndrome has killed over a million bats in
the Northeast, so it’s causing really high mortality White Nose Syndrome could have serious impacts on cervain
species of cave bats in North Carolina. Probably the most important thing people can do is to
try to stay out of caves and mines. The primary mode of transmission is bat to bat contact We’re taking every precaution that we possibly can. We’re wearing Tyvex, double Tyvex suits, rubber boots
with no felt bottoms, rubber gloves, helmets Everything can either be thrown away or decontaminated, and
none of our clothing comes in contact

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