19 thoughts on “Who owns football? – VPRO documentary – 2014

  1. Portsmouth fan trust sold to a majority shareholder recently. I hope they don't come to regret that decision.

  2. i dont understand… why did you sell the shares in the first place… if you sell over 50% shares and someone buys you up they own the company… if you want it back. go buy your shares back you sold in the first place LOL

  3. Awesome, it begins with a trickle then its a flood. They've fucked over the working class fans for too long. As an LFC fan, I don't like the idea teams like Leeds, Nottingham Forrest, Villa, and Everton scratch a living from the Premier League. I don't like the idea loyal supporters from teams lower down the leagues don't have a chance… sure there has to be winners and losers, but I want everyone to have the chance to sing and cheer in joy.

  4. Su ejemplo inspirara a muchos aficionados en todo el mundo!! His example inspired many fans around the world!

  5. South America is the last true standing ground of clubs even thought there already corrupted an being use as political forces …..the end of true football is near for the world ,,,!!!!

  6. I support everything in this doc. and more but, this fetish about the working class has got to end, FOOTBALL IS THE SPORT OF THE POOR.

  7. The BBC programme "How to buy a soccer club" threw light into a very dark tunnel where people like the former Thai Prime Minister and embezzler and the late Chairman of Leeds Football Club engaged in the corruption and defilement of English Football.

    I feel no remorse for the fiery death of another prince of excesses on the backs of very poor Thais and the people of England. The Lords and Princes of English Football have everything to be ashamed of in themselves for being party to the siphoning of embezzled money (Thaksin Shinawatra and his sister) from state government coffers in THailand. Another of these maggots is Vincent Tan another Chinese from south east Asia resident in Malaysia and England (Chairman of Cardiff city) and protected by the corrupted Mahathir Mohammad second time round prime minister of Malaysia.

    These people are no different to the maggots Putin drove away from his country Russia like Boris Berezovich and Abramovich. The Brits appear to have no dignity, no sense of honour whenone considers the police there and people like Sir Alex Ferguson spend time with these thieves as if they were honourable men.

    Dr. Mahathir and his Malaysian thieves are on another spending spree with stolen Malaysian money. Vincent Tan's story is in an editing stage after Wilson Perumal the Singaporean match fixer sold his story to a Hollywood film house. Corruption in south east Asia goes right up to the top of governments there including the "clean state" of Singapore.

  8. Football aka big business. Let's face it the player salaries are in no relation to the actual performance or entertainment effect. With some of them, you gain the impression that they can heal cancer or build the next Mars rocket judging from their valuation and salary. Hence, smaller clubs are either squeezed out of the market or they adopt to the market conditions.

  9. Mr Conn, the German supporters don't have a say in how the club operates,the elite at the top have taken over,mainly ex players! How much are these directors payed etc etc ??????

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