Who’s the (Bat)man (LET’S GET NUTS Mix) – Patrick Stump [Lyric Video]

Steph Simpleton Kinetic Typography In the darkest night I’ll make the bad guys fall There’s a million heroes But I’m the best of them all Yeah! Who has the coolest gadgets? Batman! Who has the tricked out ride? Batman Who does the sickest back-flips? Batman Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Batman! Yeah! Hey! Hey! Batman! Yeah! Hey! Hey! Batman! Yeah! Hey! Hey! Batman! Yeah! Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Batman! You think my muscles are big? Gains! You haven’t seen my brain! Ladies! It’s ok if you stare Why? ‘Cause I’m a billionaire! And this is me playing guitar also ♫Guitar Solo♫ I get the last laugh I get the final grin Throw you into the asylum with Harley Quinn Turn Two-Face to Black and Blue Face I one hundred percent am not Bruce Wayne Yeahhhh Who’s the manliest man? Batman! With the buns of steel? Batman! Who could choke hold a bear? Batman! Who never skips leg day? Batman! Who always pays their taxes? (not) Batman!

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