Why Andrew Cashner has a Booty ⚾ [Baseball Compilation]

Andrew Cashner was born in Conroe, TX, and was fed whole butter milk from birth. The doctors initially advised against it, warning his parents that it’d give him a PHATAZZ as an adult. But they didn’t care!
And now, thanks to their recklessness, this video exists and people are actually
watching it. Any given day it’s seemingly platonic pats, but on others, it’s full-blown rubbing. It got so bad the network had to step in and cover
his butt with graphics whenever possible, but the cameraman would work against
them and keep it in shot anyway. Even today Cashner has to work against so many
people with their own agendas. Like the uniform department making some of his
pants two sizes too small. It’s a tragedy what that man has had to
endure. Let me know in the comments if you’re at all sympathetic to Cashner’s problem. And subscribe if you haven’t already, cos where else are you gonna hear about the important issues?

54 thoughts on “Why Andrew Cashner has a Booty ⚾ [Baseball Compilation]

  1. Am I sympathetic towards him? Of course not! Those buns could get any man desiring to get in those too tight pants.

  2. I was watching the game too early very briefly and was thinking damn his ass is amazin. Clayton Kershaw’s ass got bigger too!!! And my super beautiful baby Kike Hernandez

  3. Not a fan of Cashner, but I’m excited for the Robinson Chirinos video.

    Also created a playlist for Benny Agbayani, probably not enough footage but who knows https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMzZ_ANZBXBMTHy0gQJtaSI2SHweYJW_5

  4. I wanna know who whibby is? Cuz he seems like he’s fucking hot….. and I thought I was good at finding asses…. dude puts me to shame…

  5. Thank U Thank U Thank U!!! funny thing is i have a saved google search from 2 years ago “Andrew Cashner’s Butt” that i can delete now. Whibby you’re thr BEST!!!

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