Why care about the World Series if you do not like baseball?

Why should you consider watching the world
series or at least staying abreast of the situation of the games, of any highlights,
even if you don’t care? Well, if you aren’t putting out messaging
and not just for your product or your service, but you want to communicate, you want engage,
you want to connect with people. You may be connecting with a series of people
that you find the world series, that do love things about baseball. Even at baseball means nothing to you. It could mean a lot to a lot of the customers
that you’re involved with, to potential customers where you’re opening up at all you are about
is the product, you might not open as many doors as the world series is happening. Somebody who’s wearing a Nationals shirt,
even if you just went to the highlights and said, so I read that so-and-so hit this or
this was a bad call or this or that. Now you’re engaged and you’re vicariously
connecting. You’re showing care towards something that
you might not even care about. And in that the relationship that comes back
as, wow. Oh, so you’re not really in the baseball,
but you stay on top of it. Yeah, I like to know what’s going on. That knowing what’s going on that shows a
give. It’s not just take, it’s not just presenting
so that you can get to the sell. It’s offering information. So it’s not saying that you have to go watch
all seven games of the world series. If it goes to seven games, it’s not something
you have to watch the walking dead or this show or that show. But, open up sites like that, Yahoo for a
minute. Open up football sites stay on top of, even
if just in a cliff notes version, what’s going on, because that information can help you
just as much as your sell, as your pitch, as your engagement. Cause when you’re talking to people, not everyone
is only going to want, they’re not just gonna want to talk about what you’re selling. They’re going to want to open a conversation
and it can be a lot better to open a conversation with something that they might like and you
might not have in common with them, but still, you’ve shown an effort and you shown a connection. So, even if you don’t care about the world
series, consider keeping an eye on it. The cliff notes, the scores, the results and
other things inside of pop culture, inside of sports, everywhere else, it can help you with that connection, that
conversion, and your messaging.

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  1. Why care about the #WorldSeries if you don't care about #baseball?

    Because, it might be better for your messaging and engagement than you realize.

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