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we all know one thing about what Dhoni
does after winning every match.. taking out the stumps with him little did we know what dhoni does with the stumps ….a media reporter with the same doubt asked Dhoni the same
question….. what he replied will make you his fan…” I have to do my post cricket
plans you see. I don’t mark the stumps that I collect. I’d watch the matches ,
look at the stumps and say ‘ok, this is from that match’ I have enough to keep me
occupied for years” ..this is what dhoni told reporters when asked about it.
However, there seems to be another theory which is doing the rounds on social
media.. Kulbinder, a Nepali watchman’s son, was dhoni’s best friend during his
school days. He was the one who saw dhoni has immense potential in cricket and
encouraged him towards playing cricket the rest is history but his friend
couldn’t shine as dhoni did.. Meanwhile, kulbinder has constructed a
small house over his own earnings.And the house required fencing.. he hasn’t asked
dhoni for anything but to give him 320 cricket stumps to finish fencing his
house well that is the reason why dhoni,
after winning every match collects them we hope this story isn’t just a story.. Thanks for watching for more videos subscribe to our channel

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