Why did I Play Hockey!?

You know that I played hockey I was thinking about this because I’m making this video on ‘vlogbrothers’ about How I had an antagonistic relationship with sports and still kind of do where I I have a hard time sort of buying all the way in and and sort of like and not judging people who do and Then I remembered that I did play a sport in high school and I played hockey and in a weird way I remember feeling like this is a sport that I can play, and it isn’t, doesn’t count and that’s a, That’s a weird thought. First, I- I think I thought it didn’t count because I grew up in Orlando, Florida where not a lot of people knew how to ice skate. So also even fewer of them played hockey. Though I did play mostly roller hockey Because it’s just very expensive to play ice hockey in Florida then like that I was kind of like I hate sports and sports are dumb but then also wanted to start playing hockey because I liked to ice skate and I Like then I started like watching hockey and really like watching hockey and then I was looking to be I could play, huh? And then so and it didn’t feel like I was sort of buying into the same thing that the kids in my school were buying into with their school spirit and be true to your school stuff. Which looking back like I think that’s actually quite a cool way to interact with your school, I just was so jaded and angsty that I never would ever have conceived of being a positive feeling, like, having a positive feeling about my school, but I ended up playing hockey. I think that there’s like three good reasons for that. One, because I was coming to any kind of sport late and So and like all the people who were coming to start to play hockey in Orlando, Florida, none of them grew up playing hockey So I got to sort of start off with other people who were at similar skill levels. Two, I – it was just something that I could socially fit into where all this sort of other mainstream sports, in Orlando I understand the hockey’s mainstream in other places, were sort of already taken by a social strata that I wasn’t gonna fit into. And three, I’m kind of built like a hockey player. I’m 6 1 and and Solid I guess. I like I wasn’t I wasn’t a hundred ninety pounds back then or anything I am now, but I was you know big enough that if I was playing defence It was hard to get through me without, you know, some contact which was mostly frowned upon in our league. Like this body type works well to play defense in hockey where I mean, I also would have worked for a number over those other sports and then there’s the final thing which is when you play hockey Sometimes you play outside but often times you get to play inside at the roller rink, or at the ice skating rink And that is air conditioned!

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  1. Hank Green could've and is've a hockey legend in another universe and that warms my heart. I want to tell that Hank about this Hank and make a video of it.

  2. My school is in a poorer area, yet pumps tens of millions of dollars into athletic departments while we have mold and leaks in our academic buildings. I find it incredibly hard to cheer on our sports teams because my friends and I kind of feel like we have been forgotten by the school. I like watching some sports, particularly the World Cup(it gives me a four year break, lol) and ultimate Frisbee(which seems to be a bit of a nerd sport) but I am on the swim team(which unfortunately doesn't see the athletic funding devoted to the main sports like football, soccer, and basketball). I don't know if I could ever support the school because of the poor decisions they make, it just seems unthinkable, even laughable. Most people I know enjoy making fun of the school(a large majority of the students) and we tend to bond in making fun of the school rather than bond in supporting it.

  3. So does America not have field hockey? BC I had a very similar thing in years 7 and 8 where I thought cricket and football were for morons but happily played inter-school field hockey every Friday. I guess hockey is the nerd sport.

  4. Things I didn't know: you're 6' 1". Don't know why, but of all the things on this channel, that surprised me the most. lol

  5. I was definitely resentful of sports, mostly because the band was expected to play outside in the freezing weather to support the football team. Also for the basketball team during one of the nights Watson was on Jeopardy. And my school was going through a major transition during my years in high school, going from the hippie-open-plan art covered school they built in 1972 that carried the history of previous students, to this generic cookie cutter school, in the name of improving test scores. They gutted electives, painted over artwork that belonged to previous generations (some of which should have been offered to the family or friends, as the artist had passed), and replaced it with a shade of green that was horrifying to look at, and a rip off of a university logo, that was definitely in violation of trademark…. and now I'm ranting on your video…

  6. I really want to hear more on this. Hank could you talk about this on the Vlogbrothers Channel? Maybe play John in a hockey video game?

  7. 6' 1" and 190? I would have guessed 5'9" and 140. You look really skinny on the vids. In this case the camera subtracts 50 lbs.

  8. So for a guy who is very perspective and might understand the phyc as of why a human may like sports(and even being in combat),I wonder how you have that initial negative feeling for sports players. It's good to know you realize your thought process.Good on You,Hank!👏😁

  9. I think it's super cool that you played hockey, Hank! I played roller hockey in my younger years but my hockey joy fell off until this calendar year. It's super cool that you like(d) hockey too!

  10. I don’t mind other people playing sports, but I personally would never. In my experience it’s just another sanctioned way to bully people – school sports resulted in broken bones in my case. I enjoy exercise, but if someone is really into sports, I’m automatically rather suspicious about their character.

  11. I played American Football in Middle School. I learned work ethic. I learned "It's about mental toughness". I learned how to play dirty so the ref. will not see. I learned ritualized homophobia. I learned black and mexican jokes (told by white people). I learned what getting my "bell rung" felt like. I learned the shock of getting hit the first time in "bull in the ring". I learned to hit back. There are parts I wish I could trade in, and parts I would not trade in.

  12. For me, the sport that didn't count was swimming. It was one (or possibly the only) sport, I could do with my bad coordination, meaning that I couldn't catch a ball while running, even if I wanted to, and I looked downright stupid doing gymnastics.

    It was also a sport, where you didn't need anyone else there (in fact, they'd be in the way), and it wasn't so popular that my school thought it perfectly okay to place a pool in such a way that everyone had to cross it to get to the playground (that sport was football, for context).

  13. Hank you should read Check Please! Speaking of a boy from the south playing hockey 🙂 It's fun and sweet and full of people caring about each other.

  14. Hockey is very different in Minnesota. The hockey players in my school started around age 3, and they were same social strata as football players. They were also horrible bullies and I can't get interested in hockey or hockey players to this day because the only associations I have are with the mulleted dickbags who made my life hell back in school.

  15. I played ice hockey in grad school – very badly with a bunch of other women in our twenties and thirties who could kinda ice skate but had never played hockey. The whole cold arena in the summer thing was a plus, but the best thing was that in full pads you were practically invincible. You could completely wipe out and just bounce back up again. Crazy freeing :).

  16. Hehe -air con is highly prized here in Perth Western Australia too! But as a kid in the 80's it was pretty rare. Inside sport would've been great, but had to make do with hanging around inside shopping centres and cinemas to enjoy it. I was to un-co for the 1 ice rink Perth had then, plus Mum said it cost too much to go.

  17. 0:06 I figured out that my antagonistic relationship with sports had to do with it not kicking my mirror neurons into high gear like it seems to do for others. like a band everybody has heard and likes and is really into, I try to nod and smile at the right times and find unique things to appreciate about various strange new moments

  18. Are niche sports nerd sports? XD

    So the way to get nerds into sports is to subtly poke them into doing something kind of unpopular in their region?

  19. I've never understood why north America decided that hockey needed ice-skates/roller-blades, but I find it very amusing.

  20. Not just in Orlando, ice hockey is generally expensive everywhere. A lot of Canadian families struggle to pay for their kids to play hockey. I think it's probably the most expensive sport. Not only is there so much pricey equipment, but registration fees are ridiculous.

  21. Air conditioning is the first concern when judging ANYTHING in Orlando.

    You know what we call a car with no working air conditioning in Orlando? No seriously, I have no idea. The moment your air conditioning starts even sounding funny here you take the car to the mechanic quicker than if the engine caught fire.

  22. In my junior year of high school I got stuck in a "team sports" class. I'm 5'3", so basketball wasn't great. Volleyball was…tolerable. but I wasn't the most technically correct player.

    But we played hockey…and I had a really good time. Not good at offence, but defence was pretty great because I could keep track of the puck and wait for it to come to me. I was the goalie more often than not, because no one else wanted to do it.

    One day I actually blocked a goal with my face. (Hollow plastic puck, so not painful at all) it was weird because suddenly the athletic kids who wanted nothing to do with me were suddenly giving me attention.

  23. I was pushed into soccer as a kid and in middle school I joined lacrosse till I had heath issues and hand to stop. Story of my life

  24. Floridian ice hockey player here (adult rec league, started playing at 21). I play hockey because traditional exercise doesn't work for me. I can't get myself to go to a gym or run or anything like that. Also, something to be said for contact sports in the sense of the camaraderie that exists between players. I love all the asshats in my team <3

    Also, beer and air conditioning! I don't want to be outside gasping for air in tons of humidity if I don't have to!

  25. Its been a while since I've come to Hanks channel and I'm so happy I did it today. I never understood why it was so important for some people to watch football or basketball in all my 25 years until this year's NHL Stanley Cup. Following the NHL makes me feel like I am a part of a community. It hits a little closer because I am from Las Vegas and the VGK was born into a tragic event. Despite being a new team to LV they jumped right in and chose to serve the community. I guess it also helps that the pace of the game is quick, amount of players on the ice at a time is moderate, and foul play in this game is hilarious.

  26. It's also very expensive to play ice hockey in Canada. The equipment is just expensive.

    And my high school took pride in our lack of school spirit. It was sort of pride in something akin to antinationalism.

  27. I felt the same way about being on the swim team for four years at my school. Somehow I was convinced "it didn't count" either.

  28. big f1 fan, and i got mega ridiculed for that as a child. still one of the most watched sports in the world.

  29. My take away from this video is that you are a much larger person than I imagined for whatever reason

  30. Does anyone have this experience of watching the timer to see if the video is about to end? Because I know this will end abruptly and I just don't want to be caught off guard, so I anticipate it.

  31. Hey, I have an idea! Why don't you teach John to play hockey! Then the next time he is searched at the Canadian border for insufficient funds, when they go to search his car, they'll see a giant hockey bag. Naturally then they'll recognize him as one of their own, hand him a double double and a beaver tail and send him on his way. Sincerely a Canadian who would like to see the Vlogbrothers in the land of snow and healthcare!

  32. Don't like sports, couldn't avoid them all together.

    My two sisters got me into boxing and tae kwon doe. Got into fencing and latin entirely on my own- don't know how that happened. Being able to holler in latin while fencing appealed to me growing up.

  33. I was briefly confused when you mentioned ice skating because in the UK, and I think most of Europe, what we call hokey is played outdoors on grass. Roller hokey and ice hokey both exist to an extent, but they have their own names to distinguish them from the default hokey surface: a muddy or frosty sports field, or possibly imitation grass like astroturf.

  34. If you want to be really nerdy about it…play EA's NHL 93 and 94 on the Sega Genesis. Form teams and leagues. Make a fantasy league around it. Use USA Today to look up scores. Then buy the Hockey News. You can nerd up sports. When I was in my early twenties then, it was the Call of Cthulhu RPG, fantasy Hockey, and plenty of cheap beer.

  35. I played field hockey in primary school which I really enjoyed, when I got to secondary school though I got told i was "too scary" for the girls team, which was bullshit because tall strong scary girl is what you want on your team, it was because I was unpopular and none of the other girls would play with me.
    I would have played on the boys team if they would have let me but that wasn't allowed.
    when I played in primary school it was a mixed team.

    My problem isn't with sports themselves but with separating sports by gender and with the mainstream sports culture.

  36. I feel you. I picked my career based on the environment it would provide. Didn’t even realize it at the time.

  37. Huh… Maybe that's why I always did cross country skiing for my only sport because it was basically walking in the snowy landscape.

  38. I have considered doing male flat track roller derby or U.S. Australian Rules Football. How's that for unconventional?

  39. Man this video took my mind on a trip, I expected it to be about as a kid like how I "played soccer" (aka standing around talking to my friends and picking the dandelions), then since I'm Canadian hockey is painfully mainstream here, so the idea of it as fringe took a bit.

  40. I played REAL Hockey !!!!!! 😤
    Field Hockey. None of this pansy-arse prancing around on Skate B.S., good solid “if this ball hits me in the knee I may never walk ever again” Hockey !! 😅
    In fact, one Summer I even played Indoor Hockey which much faster & much more dangerous !!!! 😝

    Actually, my story & my reasons for playing were in fact very similar to Hank’s, it’s just that I a) live in Australia so field sports are common, and b) my Dad was big into Hockey (fun fact – my Dad was the first person to teach Gold-Medalist Hockeyroo Alyson Anan-Thate how to play 👍) so in order to feel closer to him I played all during Secondary School (High School, which is Years 7-12 here).

  41. When I was little, my dad made me play soccer. I barely liked it because I would a lot of bruises. Eventually my dad gave in and I became a theatre nerd‼️

  42. well feel like you are mixing up different things for me doing sports and celebrating it are very different. I do play Team Handball since i am 12 and had been playing football (soccer) before that since i was idk 5(?). i really enjoy it for the sports and for the team (though i do not enjoy my current group as much at the moment (all male teams sadly tend to do sexist jokes when alone and some post sexist pictures in our whatsapp group)) but what john is talking about is mostly being a fan and i always had my problems with it, because it often involves being completely uncritical to the point where people will disagree with facts and build their own reality and even more become violent against people just because they chose to support another team.
    And additionally when talking about the world cup you said in the vlogbrothers video that it was not involving politics and i can't disagree more! the whole world cup is politicized by putin to make him look good and to show that he is a credible leader, to here in Germany where newspapers talk about whether chancellor should visit russia and the games or not or even openly boycott the world cup. even the games like Iran vs. Morocco are full of politics because they completely cut diplomatic relations… international sports is politics

  43. I'm so sorry, but I was very distracted by how one of your hoodie drawstrings was tucked under your hoodie.

  44. As someone who did both varsity sports and marching band in high school, I always found the disconnect between athletes and musicians odd and troubling considering the similar feelings that came from excelling in both. Like the athletes loved winning games and doing well at the sport and the school spirit that came with that, but didn't get why people would be so invested in band, and the band kids felt the same way about the athletes.

  45. hank if you are going to start doing real things on hank channel then maybe change your profile pic to be not fetus you!

  46. Commenting here because maybe it'll get seen but it's really a comment on your OK vlog.

    Just wanted to ask why don't you hire help? Because it came to me as a solution, which I'm totally going to implement as someone who has ADHD if/when I have the financial means, to your problem of you having only limited amount of time you can invest in things.

    You mentioned equality of chores as a reason for not hiring help to do your chores which raises the obvious question of who don't you hire help to do both your chores? That would also make it more equal because both of you would be doing less chores.

    And as long as you pay the person you're hiring a fair wage there's not even a moral problem. I think a lot of us who aren't used to having help around the house, at least this applied to me, feel that it's demeaning for the other person to do our chores and that you're exploiting them but that's really only true if you don't pay them enough or treat them well.

    Tldr. Hire help to do all chores, or most of them, so both you both have more time to do stuff.

  47. I got into indervigalist sports. Because I hated team sports as I was just yelled at and bullied by both the other team, my team and my teachers.

  48. I didn't know that people called the places where you play hockey ice skating rinks, is that just a regional thing? Here we just call it the arena or if it is an older arena we call it a barn…What do you call it where you are from?

  49. I am all in favor of air conditioned spaces. My goal this summer in South Carolina is to stay inside, especially during the day.

  50. Strangely, that's exactly what I felt when I went to my first hockey game. I have't been to another since, but I would!

  51. Yeah, that wouldn't fly here in Canada. If you're going to play hockey here then you better make it your first choice in sport. You better be really serious about it, because it is more sacred than religion in Canada.

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