Why Do Bats Carry So Many Diseases? (like Coronavirus)

Nipah. Hendra. Ebola. Marburg. SARS. These
are some of the world’s scariest viruses. Hemorrhagic fevers like Ebola are extremely
fatal – they kill up to 90 percent of people infected – while SARS, a coronavirus, has
a lower mortality rate but spreads incredibly rapidly. All of these nasty pathogens have
surfaced in humans in just the last 50 years, and they are all carried by bats. Which, to be clear, really isn’t bats’
fault: the recent rise in outbreaks is likely due to humans and our animals creeping ever-farther
into bats’ territory, especially in the tropics. In Malaysia, for example, the spread
of commercial pig farms into bat-inhabited forests led to the first human outbreak – via
pigs – of Nipah. And in Australia, human hendra cases are cropping up as destruction native
forests forces fruit bats to feed in suburban gardens. But still: bats do appear to carry more human-killing
diseases than pretty much any other animal. One big reason is that, with a few notable
exceptions, bats love company  — different kinds of bats  often roost together in huge
numbers and close quarters, which helps viruses spread not just between individuals, but also
between species . What’s more, most infected bats don’t
die — they live pretty normal bat lives,  flapping around and giving the viruses time
to spread. In fact, flight may be the reason bats are so resilient to infection. As a rule, mammals can’t produce the immense
amount of energy needed for flight without also producing a lot of reactive waste products
that damage our DNA. So when our bat cousins took to the air, they leveled-up their in-flight
DNA damage repair kits and other defenses, including specialized cells that keep viral
invaders in check. So bats can survive the deadly viruses – but
what may matter even more, for humans anyway, is how the viruses survive the bats. Nasty as they are, most viruses are also extremely
finicky — in order to thrive, they require the perfectly controlled climate inside a
normal, resting, on-the-ground mammal. But when bats take to the air, their internal
temperatures cruise to around 40°C. Those frequent in-flight saunas are far too toasty
for your average virus, but a few hardy viruses have evolved to tolerate the heat.  Which,
incidentally, means they can definitely weather a meager human fever. Essentially, flight
may have helped bats gain virtual immunity to viruses AND trained viruses to be virtually
immune to us. Stupid flying. So, what should we land-lubbers do? We need
bats for insect control and pollination – and a whole bunch of other things – maybe we could
even learn some immune tricks from them – like how to be really good at not getting cancer!
Plus, bats aren’t the biggest carriers of human disease. Humans are – just do the math.
Perhaps we’d be better off leaving bats alone, and trying to control the spread of
diseases carried by a different kind of flying mammal.

100 thoughts on “Why Do Bats Carry So Many Diseases? (like Coronavirus)

  1. What you said is true…bats shouldn't be blamed we humams are equally responsible for what's happening in the world right now

  2. So basically capitalism via deforestation, urbanisation and eating what know we shouldn’t has come to bite us in the azz!

  3. The Chinese sort of caused this because they eat dogs, cats, and bats. Chinese I hope you learn your lesson. You caused the virus..the world to really panic.

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  5. For those confused or about to make a conspiracy theory video, first you should know: Coronavirus is not a new thing. It’s an umbrella term used to characterize viruses that have crown like spikes on their surface. There are other viruses classified as Coronaviruses like SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) or MERS (middle east respiratory syndrome). The corona virus we know and love is COVID-19. Thank you that is all.

  6. Well this video perfectly explains that this is China’s bat soup eating weirdos fault considering it’s from 5 years ago and caused by bats

  7. Nobody: it's wired
    Marvel: Let's create a movie about; then Morbius shows up🥴

    Came here after watching Morbius Trailer😅

  8. Anyone else agree that if China refuses to not eat bats and other such animals they should just be permanently put on complete lockdown to prevent such a pandemic happening again? As in, no one should be able to enter or leave the country?

  9. If humans are then put to a a really hot temperature (a Sauna or at a desert-like temperature) for a certain (x) amount of time, will the virus die off from the inside, depending on the person's immune system? I did hear about the CV-19 virus being lived short if exposed to enough heat. What if humans sweat enough of it out? Or will the virus be resistant to that as well?

    Anyone with a theory or just me?

  10. I am missing those days when i could clear my throat in public without causing mass panick

  11. No one blaming bats.

    People are blaming the idiots that wanted to eat bats.

  12. No wonder criminals are afraid of Batman he has diseases. Sorry if someone else put this comment but I just thought of this

  13. I'm amazed this got so many likes and comments as if consuming something is the only was to get a disease from it, was it even mentioned in the video?

  14. The better question is.
    Why do people eat bats?
    Because of these people, we're suffering to this coronavirus shit right now.

  15. Yes this video is from 5 years ago!!!Coronavirus been around it’s just lately Chinese been stuffing them down there throw more than usual so shit got real now

  16. Video of 2014 about Corona that never existed
    and recommended in 2020 after Corona
    is this a prediction or confusion ?

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