Why Do Bats Fly At Night ? Bedtimes stories in English – World Folk Tales

Back, far back, in the mists of time when the world was very young, and the animals and birds spoke the same language. Back then, the bats were not night fliers. They were fast, cunning and happily flew during the daylight. One day, there was a sudden dispute among the birds and the animals of the jungle. You birds are not qualified to rule the jungle! You are the creatures of the sky! You don’t even belong here! Trees are our homes, so the forests belong to us. And, you can walk on the ground, but we fly close to the sun. Within no time, the bat who was watching all these, hanging down a tree, Said These animals and birds aren’t intelligent, like me. I’m going to stay here, and support the winning team. The quarrel went on till the sunset, and by the end of the day the birds seemed like winning. Hey, birds, I am here to join your side. What? You are a land animal. How could you join us? No! No! Look here I have my wings and can fly. Just like you! The birds thought for a while, and, Okay, you shall join us. The next day, the quarrel continued, Hmmm. It seems like the animals are taking over. By the day end, Hey, animals I wish I could join you. But, you can fly. No! No! Please don’t include me with those creepy birds. Look at my teeth, and my fur. After discussing among them for a while, Okay, you shall join us. Said the lion. The quarrel continued for the third day, But, as it went on, the animals and birds decided to end their war in peace. Later, Alright! Bat, come with us. I thought he would be joining us. And, when the animals and birds came to know the cunningness of the bat, The bat went flying into a dark cave, and since then it came out only during nights to escape the eyes of the birds and animals. Kids, what have you learned from the story? The bat in the story, was neither honest to the birds nor to the animals. And, because of his crafty mindset, he is never able to come out in the daylight. So, kids, remember, never lie, and be true to everyone.

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