Why do you need quilt Batting in between quilt

hi guys and welcome to my channel so the
question for today is why would you need batting inside of a quilt let me
show you my very very first quilt I ever made. So it’s not without its errors it was
my very first quilt and I was being very adventurous with the border and it did
stretch out because I did a lot of this on the bias and it kind of like it
didn’t turn out in a rectangular shape too well and the reason why I’m telling
you about this particular quilt is because I originally didn’t put batting
inside the middle and I like to free motion quilt one of the reasons why I
started quilting is because I wanted to get into free motion quilting so when I
first made this quilt I attached some fire side on the back of it which is
kind of like it’s hard to explain a little bit like a minky so it’s a little
bit fluffy and I thought that would be okay like a cheap way of getting into
the quilting. So I had all my front side all done and I attached the fire
side to the back and I didn’t put any batting in the middle and then I thought
oh it’s okay way to go and started free motion quilting now the problem was is
that there wasn’t any stabilization in between them two layers so the batting
doesn’t just act like to keep you warm it also acts as stabilization if you
really want to get ahead and start doing some free motion quilting work so your
batting in quilts it acts as a really good layer in between the two so the
story about this quilt I free motion quilted it and it knotted on
the back it was just a horrible mess so between me and a group
of friends we managed to unpick all of this quilt I think this quilt is like a
double size so yes I wanted to make sure that I did my first quilt properly so I
undid all the backing off it and I reattached
some cotton batting and then I was able and put in between the layers the batting
the cotton batting and I was able to get this final end result so batting
between the layers of your quilt sandwich not only offers warmth but it
also offers some stabilization for your free motion quilting hope this clarifies
why you would be batting inside of a quit thank you so much for watching
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thank you so much bye guys

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