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Welcome to Kashmir! Do you want to escape from the
stress of the city? Here you will find beautiful valleys, breath
taking nature, ancient cultures and… Bombs! Terrorist attacks, constant bombings and
systematic violence! Yeah, Kashmir is the last place on
Earth where you wanna go. And, in the last months, this
region situated between India and Pakistan has been on
the news headlines… again. Could it be the scenario for a
nuclear war? Or maybe not? In this video, we are gonna tell
you that story. There are just 3 sport events what gather
more than a billion people in audience worldwide: the
Opening of an Olympic Game, the final of a Soccer World
Cup and… a India-Pakistan cricket tournament. Yes, you heard this right. Cricket is the national sport both
in India and Pakistan: two of the most populated countries
on the planet. And the rivalry between them goes way
beyond sports… Kashmir Suffers From the Worst Attack There
in 30 Years And believe me, this is not a small thing. Both India and
Pakistan have nuclear weapons. The main reason of their
fights is a region called Kashmir. Both countries are in
dispute for the control of this area. So, in February 2019, a
terrorist group called JAISH-E-MOHAMMED organized one
of the worst terrorist attacks in Kashmir. And India
answered with the first bombing in Pakistani territory in
decades. The situation couldn’t be more tense. Are we
going to witness a nuclear war? Why India and Pakistan
hate each other so much? Today we are going to answer to
all of this questions. And we are going to do it with the help
of our friend Xander Snyder, a political analyst and one the
voices from RECONSIDER MEDIA podcast that you often
hear on our videos. Hello Simon and hello to all the VisualPolitik
subscribers! As
you say, India and Pakistan are in what we call a ‘mexican
standoff’ situation. Today we are going to talk a lot about
nuclear weapons and, more importantly, nuclear doctrines. Can all of this end up in a nuclear war? I don’t think so but
we will see… Well, today we are going to answer all of
this questions but, before we do, let’s take a look back at
the history. CLASH OF THE TITANS
After Worl War II, all the Indian territories became
independent from the British Empire. But there was a
problem. There were two big religious groups here:
Muslims on one hand and Hinduists on the other. So what did UK
do? Easy: they sent all the Muslims to one place
and called that Pakistan, and then, they sent all the
Hindis to another and called that India. But there was still one problem: there were many areas where it was not clear if
there was a Muslim or a Hindi majority. Kashmir was one of those. Basically, most of the Kashmir citizens were
Muslim but their governor, their MAHARAJA, happened to
be Indian. This is why they accepted that Kashmir would
be an independent nation. Everyone was happy, right? Well… the opposite was true. Just two months after
Kashmir declaring it’s independency, Pakistan invaded
then. So the MAHARAJA asked India for help. This is how those brand new states: India
and Pakistan, started a war. The result, apart from a bloodbath, is that
in 1949, Kashmir was split between two parts:
one for India and one for Pakistan. But if you thought a border was
enough to make everybody agree… you are wrong again. These two countries had even 3 wars later
on for the control of the whole region. Wars between India and Pakistan followed always
the same pattern: Pakistan starts them and India wins
them. At the
end of the day, they are bigger and have more money. We are already in the 60s. Back then, the Indian prime
minister was this woman you see on the screen: INDIRA
GANDHI. And there are two things you should now about
her. First, she had no familiar connection whatsoever
with MAHATMA GANDHI. The second one is that she had
nothing to do with peace and non violence. Basically, we
are talking about a woman who forced 6 million poor people
to go for vasectomy. Just like that. So one day, this woman,
annoyed as she was by the Pakistani attacks, said ‘FUCK
IT! Let’s get some nukes!. In the year 1967 India started its nuclear
program. Since
then, Pakistani army didn’t dare to, directly attack their now
nuclear neighbour. Instead, Kashmir citizens have been
suffering neverending attacks from all kind of Pakistani
terrorist groups. And if terrorism was not enough, Indian
government doesn’t fuck around either. Since 1990,
Kashmir is under martial law. This means constant
repression to the citizens. And if you thought the situation
couldn’t get any more complicated… wait. Because in 1998
things got a twist. Let’s have a look at it. MEXICAN STANDOFF
Fighting a nuclear country is like playing cricket without
bats. This is why, even though Pakistan is poorer
than India, ZULKIFAR ALI BHUTTO, who was the president
of Pakistan back then, had it clear. “We will eat grass or leaves, even go hungry,
but we will get one of our own (nuke)” – Zulfikar
Ali Bhutto This is how in the year 1998, Pakistan got
it’s first nuclear tests. Pakistan has been obligued to exercise the
nuclear option due to recognization of India`s nuclear program. This has
led to the collapse of the existential deterrence and had
radically altered the strategic balance in our region. And this is how we get to the Mexican standoff. A Mexican
standoff is a situation where two opponents are on the
same conditions. This way, both are waiting for the other to
make a false move. But even though both India and Pakistan have
now nuclear bombs, there is one thing where they differ:
their nuclear doctrines. India has a ‘no first use’ doctrine. This means they are
ready to use their nukes only if they have been attacked
with the same kind of weapons before. Pakistan is a different animal. They could use their atomic
weapons as soon as there are invaded. This means that,
even if India wouldn’t use nukes on an attack, they could
use them. In this doctrine, tactical weapons play a
very important role. You see, when it comes to nuclear weapons,
there are two different classes: strategic and tactical
ones. Strategic
weapons are those that can wipe out an entire city and can
be sent to thousands of miles away. Tactical ones are
designed to be used on the battle field. So well, last January, Pakistan made this
test. Pakistan Equips Military With Tactical Nuke-capable
Missile In other words, Pakistan compensates their
smaller military might with a more aggresive nuclear doctrine. If India
attacks them, they could use the tactical weapons easily
and even destroy the nuclear silos on Indian territory. And if
you though this is a very irresponsible nuclear doctrine for a
country, wait because you haven’t seen anything! In Pakistan, the nuclear button is not on
the government’s hand but on the army’s hand. In this country, the military
and the government go on different ways. And oh boy! The
Pakistani army is pretty scary. Basically, there are many reasons to believe
the army is supporting several terrorist organizations. And this explains
news like this one. For example… Do you remember Osama Bin Laden? Do
you remember where we was finally found? Exactly! In
Pakistan. More specifically, next to the KAKUL military
Academy, which is short of the Pakistany equivalent to
West Point. And what kind of terrorist organizations might
be allegedly connected to the military? On one hand, we have some
jihadist groups supporting the talibans in Afghanistan. On
the other hand we have other groups like JAISH-E- MOHAMMED that fight for the independency of
Kashmir. So no matter how hard the Islamabad government
tries to close ties with New Delhi, both the Pakistani
army and the terrorist make all those plans backfire. And what does India do to this? Basically, improving their
nuclear arsenal. And what do you do when your rivalling
neighbour knows where do you have all your nuclear silos? Well… we are going to tell you right now. NUCLEAR WAR? Would you imagine somebody like JOHN ELWAY,
the legendary sportsman, becoming the American
president? Well, this is what happened in Pakistan. Their new
president is IMRAR KHAN, the man who made his country
win the cricket world cup. Just like his predecessors, IMRAN KHAN traed
to improve the relationships with India. And this is when the terrorist
from JAISH-E-MOHAMMED organized the worse massacre
in Kashmir in the latest decades. And this is when Narendra Modi said something
like: Pakistan, come over here. Look,
we have a lottery and the winner gets a punch in the face… And guess what! You have all the tickets!!!! In other words, for the first time in decades,
Indian army bombed Pakistani territory. This means they didn’t attack
the Pakistani part of Kashmir but Pakistan itself. But hold on
just a second because this is not the end of the story! Do
you remember that Mexican standoff situation? So well… India has made a hell of a move. And this move has a
name: INS ARIHANT, the so called ‘enemies destructor’. Nuclear submarine INS Arihant completes patrol,
country’s N-triad operational
Do you remember when I told you that Pakistan could use
their strategic weapons to destroy Indian nuclear silos? So well… Indians are aware of this and this is why
they got nuclear submarines. The advantage of a nuclear submarine
is that you can have your arsenal moving all the time under
the water. It is harder to find and, therefore, harder
to destroy. And this is why Pakistani army was so nervous. And this is the point where media started
talking about a would-be nuclear war. But… is this really possible? Well…
we at VisualPolitik don’t really think so. Why? Well… first of all, even though India attacked
Pakistan, they just bombed some terrorist training camps. This means they
didn’t actually crossed the red lines for what Pakistan
considers an invasion. So what was Islamabad’s answer to this? Well… some air
strikes. But let’s be honest, they are the last ones
wanting a nuclear war. If not, look at what the former Pakistani
President said. If We Attack With 1 Nuke, India May Finish
Us With 20″: Pervez Musharraf
This explains why Pakistan didn’t wait any longer than 3
days to release the Indian pilot they captured. And… in
case they would be tempted, at some point, to stroke
back… India has made things very, very clear. Indian Navy deploys aircraft carrier &
nuclear subs to deter ‘misadventures’ by Pakistan So, again, so far it seems that no country
is really thinking about an actual nuclear war. So then… who is winning with
all of this? Well… so far, the most clear winner is Narendra
Modi, the Indian Prime Minister. Yes, my dear viewers, India is
celebrating a presidential election. And all this conflict with
Pakistan has helped Modi to raise in the polls. But don’t worry because in the following
weeks, we will talk about the Indian elections in depth. Those are the World’s
biggest elections and, of course, we will dedicate a video
about them here at VisualPolitik. If you don’t wanna miss
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worse after the Indian elections? Please, leave your answer
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