Why Indians Hate T-Series? Tseries vs Pewdiepie | Ayush More

If you watch youtube then you will definetly know about, Pewdiepie vs T-Series On one side, lots of youtubers are helping pewdipie On other side, T-Series is a big Indian music company So what do you want to tell is T-Series alone? Stop! I am not saying that T-Series is alone but T- Series is also not a youtuber it is a music company but who started the comparision between the Pewdiepie and T-Series that Legend Pewdiepie, himself he was well aware that in India internet is on peak so this is the only time to get indian subscribers (bollywood dialogue starts) He was planning from January to get views from Indian and when he saw the growth in T-Series then he lost it and he started a big war from here and when that didn’t worked because T-Series is not a personality as if you say something about BB (Bhuvan Bam) then who are you to talk about BB (Chomu says) you son of a *Beep* then afterwards he targeted the whole India so that he can get lots of subs and views OH YEAH !!! these all affected the whole India but the only one who didn’t get affected was T-Series till now they have not reacted about it properly views are neither increasing nor decreasing They were gaining views before and now also, Big people has big talks, Wherever are views, I am there (Hindi Dialogue) Pewdiepie then also made Diss Track on T-Series in which he also targeted India then also our T-Series, “You have made only one music in your life, and we make it daily we don’t give a *hit HA HA HA In whole world, till now there are only 2 channel who cross 50 million subscribers as youtube gives playbutton on 100k 1 Million and 10 million. They also gives playbutton on 50 million subs everyone knows about pewdiepie ruby button WOW… what do you think T-Series have Ruby Button actually They have ! but nobody knows about it This is T-Series Ruby Play Button But Ruby is red in colour but playbutton of T-Series is “White” **Slangs** Beep** we don’t even know it is Ruby Button or not as Pewdiepie said it, and we believed on it as T-Series said nothing about it Anyway, Now I am not saying support Pewdiepie He does anything for his profit Now he have done charities stream and raised many donations which is really nice but first say about India And then donation for the show off We all understand what is this and how many controversy he had created, we all know about that But from 2013, he is Number #1 YouTube and T-Series, a huge music company, is Number #1 in India but we are forgetting one thing here after entry of “BABA JIO” from 2015, when Pewdiepie was having 40 Million ad T-Series was having 7 Million subs In 2016, 50 and 14 Million In 2017, 57 and 25 Million and now gap is so less. Then you think yourself The big creators of India, who in there field had already topped in the world will they take time to become YouTube Channel #1 No ! At the end, India will only win. Sooner or later There’s o doubt about that I say what Pewdiepie, what T-Series If you want to subscribe, then Subscribe me *slang* *beep* Jokes apart. Whom you want to support, that depends on you Either one of them or any Indian Individual YouTuber that all on you That’s all for today Now next video will be very exciting, OH MY GOD !!! So subscribe the channel and press that bell icon and everyone keeps like aim we will keep SHARE aim Now I don’t know how much to aim but if you found this video a bit correct then SHARE the video Just hit that arrow button My life is short (dialogue) my face has a Ulcer (dialogue) SHARE & SUBSCRIBE

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  4. I like your channel too much. And please post new video I & all are waiting for new video. I'm bored now πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

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  6. you have been mistaken.. no hate but im just correcting. there are one channel who passed 50M and earlier than T-Serise and Pewdiepie and already passed 100M already. its not a channel but its a music channel just like T-Serise!

    Yes, i dont live in India but still support T-Serise and Pewdiepie.

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  10. I don't like t series bcz when atif aslam was banned ,they deleted all his songs… Then people unsubscribed it … So they again uploaded atif s songs

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