Why One Japanese Company Is Turning Baseball Bats Into Chopsticks

(pleasant orchestral music)
(bat cracking) – [Narrator] For millions
of Japanese people, springtime means one thing: baseball. But what a fan probably
doesn’t think about: what happens to all those
broken baseball bats? Well, one chopsticks
manufacturer has an answer. (bat cracking)
(crowd cheering (pleasant orchestral music) (speaking in foreign language) – [Narrator] Wood from the aodamo tree was popular for making
fine wooden products and professional baseball bats. But because of forest tree mismanagement, the species was in trouble. (speaking in foreign language) – [Narrator] Instead of
contributing to the problem, Mr. Uratani had an idea. (speaking in foreign language) – [Narrator] With that, Mr. Uratani put his plan into motion. (speaking in foreign language) (pleasant orchestral music) (bat cracking) – [Narrator] With the profits from these baseball chopsticks, Mr. Uratani has joined
baseball leagues and teams to donate to a group planting
a new forest of aodamo trees. (speaking in foreign language) (bat cracking)
(crowd cheering) (electronic dinging)

100 thoughts on “Why One Japanese Company Is Turning Baseball Bats Into Chopsticks

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  2. I don't which one i should be suprise on
    The bat turning into chopstick or
    The fact that almost all Japanese spectator are holding a small umbrella and moving it up and down when the bat hits the baseball 😐😐😐😐

  3. Obama-shi, Fukui Prefecture, Japan. since 300AD. Obama means "little beach" in Japanese

  4. 2% care for planet earth and 97% do care on destroying them and 1% don't care .Are we disease to our creator.

  5. I hope these famous retired baseball players in Japan do this so that we reduce trees being cut for chopsticks.

  6. Janapese surplus is getting boom they need to turn old things into something new.leaving old things like toys story only makes more wast dawg.japan never got kings of restoration and pawn-stars to come rescue your old stuff.

  7. Hyprocrates, already fucked the environment when they could and now acting as if poor one, we're the reason of all environment degradation.

  8. I know for sure that if you just never got to merge with Nature…

    You will never feel any remorse when nature is being destroyed, this man has that remorse….May the earth reward you with health Old horse!

  9. Not only chopsticks…It could also be used on other things like Pencil, Spoon, Duster, Grinding bowl ( similar with mortar and pestle), and many other…just saying.

  10. This is why I love Japan, Its not all about screwing the worker out of every single possible cent and getting every hour at the expense of the workers lives or the enviroment. Its about having respect for the world and people around us and utilising your brain to solve problems. Bravo 👏


  12. Never mind about your trees, fix the fukushima problem or your baseball chopsticks will be of little use

  13. I have the highest regard for Japanese and German People. They are a industrious and hardworking bunch. Just imagine how these two small nations took the whole World for a ride and almost succeeded but inevitably lost only to rebuild again from the ashes a newer stronger nation:)

  14. American- Baseball is American best sport!

    Japanese remembering WW2 defeat angrily holding Katana- I'm gonna make fucking chop sticks from your bats!

  15. Wonderful Stuff Y'all!!!!++++ Thank You ALL 4 Being Awesome, Thank You!! John P. Henn(schle+that's Broke AF)/Souza, VonKalifas UndAlso houston Tejas….

  16. I don't want to poo on your happy optimism parade, but the ratio of the mass of chopsticks made every year vs the mass of chopsticks made from baseball bats, is about a trillion to one. This will probably save one tree. It's a novelty for sure, but don't kid yourself – this is no more beneficial to the environment than Adidas making 10 pairs of shoes from recycled ocean plastic and saying "look we care about the environment." lol. no.

  17. Omgggg my friend bought a pair of these chopsticks from Giants not knowing this, gonna be a wonderful surprise for her!

  18. 0:23 The time I found Barack Obama's true heritage, Obama, Japan; land where a lot of Obamas live.

  19. Are you ready to go to bat for the environment too? Try a pair of Hyozaemon chopsticks: http://bit.ly/2Z7K5Ti
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