Why play a team sport? Field Hockey leads by example

It doesn’t matter how many times that
you have stepped on the field for Canada, it’s still
exhilarating and special and there’s a feeling that
it’s hard to describe but when march out onto the field and we’re
getting ready or its this overwhelming feeling of pride and excitement and feeling
really fortunate to actually have that opportunity it’s something that’s addicting for sure. I like what sport has to offer for me, team sport has been a really great with developing
the soft skills & how you work within a team and learning
what makes people tick and what’s gonna you know what you need to do to get
along with people and I think that’s a really amazing thing about sport. Field hockey in general has been seen as
a female-dominated sport and it’s really nice to see on the west
coast of Canada that it’s really taking it to the next level and I think
it’s great to see young women be strong athletes who are dedicated committed and
pretty much fearless out there. for us at Field Hockey BC, I have to say, one of our great things is, we have a lot of good women coaches involved in the programing, so the role models
are there for the girls which I think is great. I was always competitive when I was younger I
want to know the olympics, and then when I started playing field hockey I just love the sport, it was so much fun, and kept growing and developing and was
invited to camps, and then the doors opened for me so
kinda made a possible have that goal become a reality. It’s got lots
of different rules and not just as the players, as a coach, but you know
the umpires the technical official their is lots of different pathways that women can go
down as well. I’d say my progress has been guided by it field hockey BC,
specifically that umpire mentorship program that field hockey BC runs. I grew up playing in field hockey BC
tournaments so, being able to come back and be a part of
that energy is really it’s a lot of fun to participate and watch the girls get stronger as they get
older. I started playing at the grassroots level. I got selected
to the provincial team from there I got selected to play for
the junior national team. I just kinda work my way up the ranks over the years
but it all started, started right here. Watching them grow is really inspiring they really are
role models for each other and for the next generation I think I it’s all about inspiring women
and inspiring the next generation Any time that we can get more and more
women involved in sport, I think it’s great I mean it’s fun, you have camaraderie I mean it’s healthy, there’s I am a huge advocate for women in sport, I think it’s wonderful.

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