Why stump grinding is necessary

Professional Tree Works offers stump grinding
services with 2 machines – 1 larger one for bigger stumps
and a smaller one that can get through gates and tight backyard spaces. Stump grinding
is necessary to remove the stump so that you can plant grass
or plant another tree in place of the tree that was removed.
It is important to know that a reputable tree company would not just go onto a property
and begin grinding away – especially if the stump is in the front
yard. We would first call for a property mark out – and have the
utility companies mark out where all the buried are such as the cable lines, gas lines, water
lines and electric lines. In many neighborhoods, all of the utility
wiring is located underground and it is very important to know
where they are all located so that we do not dmagae them when we grind the stumps. That
is the law by the way – and I am very surprised that many other tree
service companies do not bothet to take that step. At Professional
Tree Works, we will always take that step to ensure that nothing gets damaged when we
are working on your property.

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