25 thoughts on “Why You Have No Idea Who the Top Baseball Players Are

  1. No love for Nolan Arenado… no one knows him and he’s averaged 40hr 118rbi while batting .300 since 2015

  2. Gary is the man! I’ve been following him for along time and know baseball is a true passion of his. Maybe he can help revamp the sport.

  3. Holy hell, as a baseball & hockey fan, this is 100% true. it's crazy to think about how in less than a decade, esports players will be more recognized that professional top level athletes

  4. Are baseball cards even worth while anymore? I have a box of 1992 Tops and I haven’t checked lately but I don’t think it’s worth much lol.

  5. Wow that’s an extremely incredible perspective on this.

    The take away from this is to never underestimate free content that provides value to that audience

  6. I mean, isn't it quite likely that an audience that "hangs out" online will be more likely to know who an eSports influencer is than a baseball star? Ask someone who doesn't use the internet much who an "influencer" is and they'll have no clue, but they'll most likely be able to name a baseball/hockey/etc star. Sometimes we forget to acknowledge that the internet is an echo chamber on its own, filled with smaller echo chambers.

  7. MLB players need to just blow themselves up… They can easily do it and there's way more upside if they do it by themselves. I went and proved this with Bregman's yt channel and ig (go peep his channel you'll love it. know who he is tho? 😉). They're just scared of what teammates/other players/organization leaders think…. And on top of that they already make a bunch of dough so they don't feel pressed to build their brand online to make more money or grow the sport BUT if they do… there's wayyyy more off-the-field money to be made, way more fame to be had, and most importantly they have a career and income once they're done playing baseball.

    Gary is absolutely right tho… MLB sucks for locking down their content like they have instead of letting it flow freely on social media platforms. At this point players are culpable too tho… they have all the tools/distribution/platforms/money and should be getting ppl stoked on baseball by personally putting out content/branding

  8. Jomboy single handily got me back into baseball. One dude with a passion for the sport, making entertaining videos. MLB needs to embrace and actively support creators and personalities around their teams.

    I will have to caution on esports though. Esports is very much in a bubble phase atm imo. Tons of money pouring in, but revenues aren't keeping pace.

  9. I can think of a few sports that'll likely go down the same path. Even just on youtube, the NBA will let people create endless dunk videos etc but with other sports its copyrighted and taken down immediately

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