WhyBuy – Paragliding in Interlaken Switzerland

Hey everybody welcome to WhyBuy. Today we’re going to talk about our paragliding excursion in Interlaken,
Switzerland. So we are fairly active people, and we
spend a lot of our time in the mountains here (in the Rocky Mountains near Banff
and Jasper [Canada]). So we were planning a trip this year thinking about places to
go, and the thing that popped out to us was the Swiss Alps. And Switzerland has always been top on our list however it is quite expensive but, we love
adventure we love hiking we love the outdoors and this was right up our alley.
It was our first day we actually went to this main street found a restaurant and
had some drinks. And it was actually right in front of the landing area where
all of the paragliders land in Interlaken. Like every single one of them. So you could look up in the sky and you’ll see five to ten paragliders at
any moment. But yeah we were having beers and you just see them landing over and
over again and we figured you know what we have to check out what that is
and how we can do it. There is a company there called Outdoor Interlaken and
they offer a number of different cool excursions you can do while you’re in
Interlaken. So it turns out that they’d offered paragliding, they also offered a
few other cool activities we were looking to do anyway so we decided to
book through them a paragliding excursion. A cool thing about Outdoor
Interlaken is that when you do book everything through them they do give you
kind of a package a discount thing so it is beneficial to do it all through one
place if you can. So we actually were picked up straight from our hotel, which
was really convenient, in just like a 12 passenger van and they took us to this
little area where they picked up everyone else and then we drove up the
mountain, essentially, to the kind of the launch area. So it was quite a far drive maybe 15 20 minutes up the mountain you go quite high, and then once you get there, you meet who your guide is and
your guides actually travel with you as well so you can ask questions before you
even get up to the launching area. Yeah and I’d say there but they were very
informative on the way up they kind of lay out exactly what to expect, I mean these guys do these it seems like 10 times a day so
very knowledgeable very funny. If you have any concerns at all they are there to make sure that you’re comfortable before
the launch. Honestly this is the reason that I chose paragliding is because I
don’t want to jump off of a cliff I don’t want to go bungee jumping to me
this was a safer extreme sport. We have different opinions of what is considered safe because obviously you’re up in the air thousands of feet with no safety
rope we have a different opinion. But it is very safe and for someone like
me who doesn’t want to jump off of a cliff, I just felt I had someone with me who is very experienced. They do this multiple
times a day… it’s safe like the amount of times that it’s done to me being there
and seeing it I even though was a little bit afraid of what to expect getting up
there I still didn’t really have any fears going into it to be quite honest.
If you don’t speak French, German, or English, you might have an issue, but for
us yeah it was it was very easy. An example of that is actually when we
first got to our launching area, there was a different person before any of us
had gone. And you could tell he probably didn’t understand the instructions and
just ran and jumped and then his instructor just had to try to run with
him sitting down already. He was already like halfway down the
hill and not up and it was just you know you talk to your instructor like “that’s
what you don’t do. Don’t do that? What not to do. To be honest I wasn’t scared at all during the process. I mean there were a few moments when I was like “oh wow I’m very high and if something were to happen I’d die,” but I felt safe, I
don’t know, and your guide is with you the entire time and you can
talk about your fears. I even asked I said “how safe is this?” and he said
“extremely safe” I asked how long he’s been doing it and he said he does you
know 20 a day and so I don’t know you don’t have time to be scared you’re just
enjoying how beautiful everything around you is. The guides actually ask you if
you want to do what they call “tricks” and that’s where they start making you do a
bunch of twists and flips and all kinds of cool things and it honestly feels
like the coolest roller coaster you’ve ever been on so that’s definitely my
favorite part of the whole thing and probably one of the coolest parts of the
entire experience. My favorite experience was honestly just enjoying the view. The mountains, Interlaken is a really cool little town and then there’s two
giant lakes right beside Interlaken and so it’s just absolutely gorgeous. So for
me that was my favorite part was just the scenery. If you thought this video
was helpful please like and subscribe. So we’re making predictions on
how we actually take off. How do you think? I think you just like run a little bit and then it catches some air and then you just keep running then eventually you’re not running on
ground anymore. My prediction is we are going to fly
these things like kites and then we’ll eventually get taken off the ground and
be in the air.

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  1. This place is how I got into paragliding. One day in 2011, totally on an impulse, I went on a tandem ride. And that did it, I simply had to learn this. When I got back (San Francisco Bay Area) I took lessons and… I went back. It was like a pilgrimage: I met my original tandem pilot (he wasn't even surprised), went to Amisbühl to do on my own exactly the same flight I did first time! Since then I went back several times, always brining my paraglider along, it's a magical place. Last I was there, there were 6 companies flying tourists in Interlaken alone (at least 40,000 people per year they told me, I suspect it's more than that), and that's not counting Lauterbrunnen, Grindelwald, Niederhorn, etc. Did you know that J.R.R. Tolkien used Lauterbrunnen as the model for his elf city Rivendell? If you look at his own drawing of Rivendell, it looks just like Lauterbrunnen. He visited it when he was about 18 (IIRC) and it obviously made a deep impression on him. BTW, passengers sitting down too early or stopping running too early is very common. Even pilots learning flying for the first time have a tendency to sit down too early, instructors forever yell at the students on the radio not to do it 🙂 About safety: paragliding accident statistics are similar to motorcycle accident statistics. So nothing extravagant.

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