7 thoughts on “Wichita’s new baseball team will be called Wichita Wind Surge

  1. …who in their right mind….the Wind might be OK just by itself…but please call it something other than a Surge….sounds more like an electrical blowout or a devastating tidal wave or storm, sweeping everyone away downstream or way down the street…

  2. The name has zero affiliation with Wichita. Wind? Surge? A Pegasus logo? Do these idiots even live in Wichita, or know anything about this city? Now we are stuck with a AAA Baseball team with a dumb name. Millions of tax dollars going to something nobody is happy about. Funny.

  3. A rip off of tax payers and a pathetically stupid name that has zero connection to Wichita, you people that are responsible for this joke of a name should move!

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