Wicket Hitting Super Over Challenge

Hello Friends, today we are shooting in cricket ground and we are playing super over challenge between I and Rony. Rony is on camera now We will be bowling 6-6 balls each and let’s see who hit the most target 2 balls bowled but your score is zero Rony would you be able to hit on 3rd shot Rony, poor performance from you…not even a single hit…would like to speak on this? I don’t have anything to say…Ok, Now let’s see my last delivery when he balls line and length and swings
the ball he is a fine bowler let the ball do the talking young man and you’ll go like
that Friends, if you enjoyed the video then please hit the like button. If you what the wicket hitting challenge with leather ball then let us know in comment box Till then stay with us…Play Safe! Play Hard! Bye.

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