Wicket Keeper Standing Up | Profielder x Crazy Catch

So this here is a Wicket keeping standing up drill. We’re trying to replicate a turning ball okay Bit of leg side Take! they’re wider
that’s it nice good feet Take! The starting position is so important
for any way to keeper if they’re in a good position to start with they’re able
to move quickly which gives them more time on the ball so we’re looking here
for good angles between thigh and knee and then the hip joint there. Ideally probably want Max just slightly higher there. hands a very personal thing,
it’s a natural position for him to be so great starting position gives him a good
chance of taking the ball. Big spinning ball Max is presenting a big target
there for the ball, hips opened up to give him bit more space, heads inline with
the ball and then from their hips snapped back, bails come back nice and quick. Nice and quick back to the stumps, nice and quick. Yep Take! So some of the common mistakes
we see from young keepers in particular is their starting position is is not
giving them the best chance so Max if you go into a real kind of crouched low,
low position see we’ve lost we’ve lost the posture we’ve lost all the angles in
its body and in theory that makes it should make it harder for him to to
react so he’s going to be slower on the ball as opposed to in that nice strong
position there where we can react quickly. So once we’re happy with with
Max’s set up and how he’s taking the ball will just progress the drill a
stage forward and just just add a little bit of interference so the batter is
going to be in play when Max is playing so in this instance I’m just
going to stand in front still feed the ball but try and try to show kind of
some kind of interference so that he’s his vision slightly impaired. Making sure
that Max is still quick still in a good position and then we can progress
on to the leg side so now I’m taking away all of his vision so he’s gonna
have to move really quickly with his feet get his hands inline. Nice take! Excellent. I think it’s important
whenever whenever the keepers take the drill in a practice situation they get
used to taking the bails off because it becomes second nature. Any kind of slight drag of the foot gives them an opportunity of creating a wicket so just
take a couple more on the leg side. Take the bails off. Unlucky Take! Taken!
Offside So the third situation we’re going to
work on is the is this kind of standing up nick. I’ve just moved the Crazy Catch
back another pace just to give me a bit more a bit more time to see the ball
we’re using some form of interference here to try and create the nick. Keepers
when they’re standing up there’s not a huge amount of deflection but that noise
of the nick kind of can just create a bit of tension in the forearms and make
them snatch a little bit so we are just working on Max being able to take the
nicks standing up – ok? Take … well done oh tough one Take! Good catch! Well Done

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