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(Sound), who used to say this? Nayan Mongia. Bowling Shane? Ian Healy Adam Gilchrist He was Nayan Mongia’s white brother Ian Healy is the right answer He was Nayan Mongia’s white brother Same height! Well done Shakeel! no problem Well done Shakeel! All Pakistani wicket keepers have said this Absolutely right! Kamran Akmal still says it I think that’s the main
job of a wicket keeper Wicket keeper is like a motivational speaker,
it’s his job even after retiring he’ll do this “C’mon well done! put it forward, you
come from the back, no problem, come back” that was his job He is kept in the team for
a long for this purpose only because he motivates and
earlier they scored less runs too Earlier yeah, not now Now they have to score,
it’s become a necessity for them I think I think wicketkeepers earlier have spoiled
the mood, don’t you think? They used to have a chilled out life earlier They had a LIC agent type job,
they’ll do their small job quietly Ever since Gilchrist has come,
he changed everything Like ever since he’s come, wicket keepers
are like, shit, we have to do batting as well If we talk about Adam Gilchrist, when he used to
have bad performances, he would call his mother-in-law What? And he used to learn from her
– Oh! Because mother-in-law was wicket keeper once Sometimes I feel, there’s a little discrepancy
between wicket keeper and fast bowlers Because I have seen quite a lot of times
that for a great bowler like McGrath, Gilchrist is coming ahead to do keeping If I would have been the fast bowler, I would have been insulted
that my team mate is humiliating me in front of everyone I feel bad,
he’s putting fast bowls since childhood! I think, for Ashok Dinda,
wicket keepers don’t wear their gloves He’ll say, you bowl man,
anyone will catch it But maybe I think wicket
keeper is taking revenge Wicket keeper must be feeling insecure
every time the throw is at the bowler’s end He’s like now I’ll take
revenge on the bowler only Yeah, he always keeps calling for the ball Like he’s calling for help, when stuck
in an island -He’s like a traffic cop But sometimes the communication
between wicket keeper and bowler is key And if the bowler is like Murlidharan,
it could be a problem because Murlidharan never does what
he communicates with the wicket keeper Once he told Kaluwitharna,
I’ll not put a chucker So Kaluwitharna said okay,
no problem at all, everything was decided And after that, first ball chucker! And he was the other way Kaluwithrana asked him, what are you doing? He said, I forgot It means, there is no scope for improvisation
if you are a wicket keeper He used to consider batsman
and wicket keeper the same It was a surprise for both Okay guys, speaking of which,
I have this amazing video to show you In 1989, when we went for the Pakistan tour it was Jawed’s 100th test match in Lahore When Javed came in for batting
after a wicket, In Maninder Singh’s game he was quite out where
Maninder Singh’s arm ball was quite famous And in it, first time it hit was out,
second time it hit was out too and when he went for square cut,
he got hit on his leg by the ball So when I and Sanjay Manjrekar,
who was in short leg and I was wicket keeping He said, the umpire will not give an out,
I will not leave without a 100 So Sanjay and I said, in Marathi,
let’s do some timepass We started talking to Javed and we told
Javed, let’s hear a ghazal from you And Javed, you know, typical Javed Come on, I’ll sing you a ghazal (Singing ghazal) And he started singing and he started
taking singles and hitting twos and ones And that’s how he got 100
and it was hilarious you know That a person is playing test match,
batting and singing a ghazal! I mean, I don’t get it Javed sounds like a human jukebox To take revenge,
Kiran More sang Himesh Reshmaiya’s songs I feel their tuning must have been so good He must have left the stumps because
otherwise he would have been bored Their Antakshari must have started,
parwani mastaani There’s another theory of a wicket keeper The wicket keepers who are lazy, take a dive Because he doesn’t anticipate When ball comes, he dives The good wicket keepers like MS Dhoni,
they cover and anticipate and reach the ball So the wicket keeper who
dives is not a good one That is basically lack of footwork,
even in wicket keeping I think,
wicket keepers will never have constipation Because their profession
is only their laxative I think, in western commode
also they sit in Indian style There is a theory in this too that
English wicket keepers they semi-stand And Indian wicket keepers stand
in a total Indian way That’s by birth right? Obviously But wicket keepers do one thing,
i dont know if you know this or not When balls come really fast,
especially fast bowlers like Dew John Like Roberts, Holding,
Garner hit the ball really hard What they used to do in earlier times is, They used to use meat
– Oh! They put meat inside their
gloves so the impact is less Dude, but this is very bad because by this logic
I would never be able to become a wicket keeper I am a vegetarian You put a brinjal Put it in the morning,
by evening it’ll be a “bharta”ť

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