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What is your idea of great wicket keeper?
Who’s your favorite? My favourite wicket keeper is Rahul Dravid, I’ll tell you why? Because he likes batting so much,
he said he’ll become a wicket-keeper Bowler will bowl, Kumble will bowl, my spin will
get better and I’ll be able to play a spin better But then Kumble never spins, he puts
fast bowls so Dravid became better with fast bowlers and hence could make Shoaib run Rahul Dravid himself did not
think as much as you have What can I do?
– You know him in and out Yeah, I know Rahul My favourite was Jack Russell,
I don’t know if you guys know about him He was a painter, okay? He was a mad person,
he was so finicky as a wicket keeper You know, when you dip a biscuit in tea? He used to time that too on a stop watch He was so strict about time And that guy was so madly superstitious
because wicket keepers are usually so He had a running-between-the-partnership
with Michael Artherton And he used to hit Michale Artherton’s pad
with his bat and in the whole winning he did that Wow What kind of superstition is
this- If my partner is out, I’m out too? Then he’ll hit the umpire Who’s your favourite? My favorite is Kamran Akmal Kamran Akmal I like him But he doesn’t do anything But what does he do? He drops so many catches,
what else do you want? It’s good for India The way Ponting has spring in his bat,
he had a spring in his hand too You guys have forgotten to ask me
WHY is my favourite wicket keeper? But it’s okay WHY is my favourite wicket keeper? Why? I’ll tell you why, but it’s appropriate
because my favorite wicket keeper is Andy Flower Who played so well, but everyone forgets him First of all,
wicket keeping for Zimbabwe, okay? Poor guy, his bowlers are obviously bad,
he’s a great guy but bad bowlers He’s getting hit all day,
getting up like this in test matches And then he goes for batting
and scoring so many runs And later he also became England’s coach That was his worst decision And after that you don’t know
which brother is doing what Like for me, they are just Flower brothers Hey, don’t take him for “Grant”ed But I’ll tell you what See, Dravid is my childhood favourite Because from the time I watched cricket,
he’s been the first Indian wicket keeper I saw But Dhoni is like obviously all time favourite
for every Indian -That’s true One of the best performers
in the wicket keeping space Yeah I feel Dravid is so sincere,
it’s been proven from there He was asked, will you do wicket keeping?
He said, yeah, I’ll take one for the team See, Dravid is a nice guy,
you know he’ll be sweet to everyone But Dhoni, he sledges his own team sometimes He sledges the opposing team,
but his team as well Like once, somebody came to bowl and
he wanted to tell him to put a chuck So he was like, “come on, come on,
put a Tarak Mehta, Tarak Mehta”ť Basically, when they say
“Dhoni is hitting”ť It’s for bowlers and his own fielders
– His own fielders, He’s sledging his own team also, Dhoni M.S is said to be ahead of his time Because what he does is Wicket keepers collect
the ball and then stump He catches it first and stumps And that is his greatest contribution
to wicket keeping Yeah, I think after light speed,
there is Dhoni speed I’ll tell you one thing about Dhoni,
of which authorities are also scared of Dhoni has a habit of taking the wicket
which leads India to victory So he takes the stumps And I guess he has a fence
made out of these wicket stumps So authorities got scared, nowadays it is
high tech wickets, right? With technology, cameras, this and that The total cost was too much So once the umpire begged him
not to take them It’ll be cut from his remuneration But I think its a good thing Dhoni
did not do this in Ranji Trophy If in every match Dhoni took a stump, the
next match will be played with two stumps only Dhoni was Crime Master GoGo
– of our generation By the way guys,
wicket keepers have their union Because they thought everyone is talking
about batsmen and bowlers So Alec Stewart, one of the finest
wicket keepers from England, decided a meeting of wicket keepers
will be called in Lords They kept a dinner And celebrated and decided that whatever
happens, we have to fight for our rights What were the rights? We have to come forward! I just want to go to this party
and throw a ball in the air Where? This union party Because I’ll throw the ball in the air
and all wicket keepers will be like Because I’ll throw the ball in the air
and all wicket keepers will be like “Mine Mine Mine” If wicket keepers go on a strike
then first slip will be in trouble He’ll say you only catch it Meaning off-spin ball goes here, and flicks
it like this, then too he’ll say, go So wicket keeper and first slip must have some
connection like if they want a centre catch.. Correct, correct Exactly right, hence why it’s
essential for them both to be friends M.S. Dhoni and first slip, Ajinkya Rahane, if they
don’t have a friendship then it’s over I think it’s important to be fit, Even if how good of friends I and Dudeja are No ” Yours Yours Yours” I feel leg umpire and keeper have
a very love-hate relationship Because he drops the bails here and says,
you came and make the bails now Exactly, this is like the
biggest example of feudalistic society What? It means the land lord system Okay, okay Because you dropped the bails, you keep
it back and if you have gloves on, remove them or call the first slip But the poor guy comes running No, because you can’t pick
up the bails with gloves on hence, it’s first slip’s job,
aren’t you guys friends? Can I tell you guys one of the
best insights of my life? Yeah I have noticed one thing in cricket What is a full toss for the batsman
is a Yorker for the keeper Somebody give him an Oscar
for such a deep insight

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