Wicket Scorecard Overview

[ static ] The continued fragmentation of the traditional pay television audience has created new
challenges and new opportunities. Media companies searching for new ways to reach their target audience have created silos of data business leaders need to see, compare, and synthesize to make informed decisions, and track results. The effective use of this data will be a decisive factor in determining the winners in the future of TV. And to compete effectively in this evolving marketplace, companies need a new level of sophistication
in their business intelligence tools. The Wicket Scorecard is the leading Audience Insights Platform that delivers unique, data-driven insights for video businesses
to excel in this new arena. Integrated data provides a unified view across a breadth of metrics, opening up access for teams and improving visibility into customers,
subscribers, and members. Gain deep insight into what drives new customer acquisition and why customers churn. Track gains and losses by marketing sources, membership plans, acquisition channels, and more with persistent
milestones to correlate changes. Easily view key metrics that matter
to your service’s heartbeat and view your business through an external
lense with our industry benchmarks. Effectively identify how your subscribers and
trialists are engaging your video service. Your content’s effectiveness can be viewed with
Content Explorer or the Attention Index, allowing you to quickly evaluate
connections between titles, which may require further scrutiny,
as well as surfacing hidden gems. The Customer Happiness Index, or CHI,
incorporated throughout Wicket Scorecard, uses data from your service to identify at-risk subscribers and your happiest customers. All of these insights are made actionable across the full customer lifecycle through subscriber export. Acquire more of your best customers, convert stalled trialists, drive engagement, save at-risk customers, and reconnect lost subs. To wrap it all up in a tidy package, the Executive Summary presents
a curated view of the business and puts the right information
in front of the right audience. Finally…to save you time logging into multiple systems cobbling together financial reports, the distribution page clearly outlines the effectiveness of third-party app stores and distribution partners. Providing you with historical
and future payment information. We also believe this is a team sport! Our customer success team makes onboarding easy; injecting ideas and industry best practices
based on what your data tells them. And…with dozens of pre-built integrations getting your data into the Wicket Scorecard is simple. Guide your decisions with Industry benchmarks
across a variety of key metrics. Drive results with your data by
improving audience acquisition, service engagement, and reducing churn. And remember… our customer success team does the heavy
lifting for you so you’re set up for success. The Wicket Scorecard. Increase your audience lifetime value through data-driven insights!

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