Will Ferrell Family: Wife, Kids, Siblings, Parents

A famous actor Will Ferrell was born in the
summer of 1967 in California, US. While studying at school, he was interested
in science as well as sports. However, with the time he got passionate about
acting and learned to imitate the voices of well-known celebrities. After the University, he began working as
a sports commentator but soon enough turned into a comedian artist. His path began from a group called The Groundlings
in 1995 and later he already performed in the Saturday Night Live. He had been a member of this show since 1995
up till 2002 and after these seven years decided to try his skills in the moviemaking world. Nowadays, the movie star can boast of dozens
of successful films he featured in. To name just a few: Austin Powers, Zoolander,
Get Hard, etc. In addition, Ferrell is also a talented producer
writer and businessman. And now, it is high time to know more information
about his closest people! The actor’s father Roy is a gifted saxophonist
and pianist. Very often, a famed son added dad’s music
to his movies. Even though he divorced Betty when Will was
8, they remain in close relationship. The mother’s name is Betty and she is a
teacher. It was she who inspired a son to pursue acting
career, as she once bought him a certificate for several acting classes. The celebrity has only one sibling, a younger
brother Patrick, who was delivered in 1970. Perhaps, it wouldn’t be surprising to say
that he is also a part of the entertainment business, being a writer, a director and an
actor. As for Ferrell’s personal life, he has been
happily married to an actress Viveca Paulin since 2000 and till present moment. The two love birds met in 1995 at an acting
class and soon after began dating. After some time they broke up because of career
problems but decided to remain friends. But seems like it was written in the stars
for these two to be together, as they reunited and tied the knot officially in 2000. Together with a wife Viveca, Will has three
kids. The firstborn in the family is a son Magnus,
who was welcomed in 2004. For now, he runs Instagram and hasn’t decided
yet which profession to choose. The second son is named Mattias and he was
born in 2006. He is a good student, who loves sports, especially
baseball and basketball. That’s why he can often be seen with dad
and brothers at games. The third child Axel was delivered in 2010. All three sons are very close and can be often
seen with a famed dad. For instance, when he got a star on the Hollywood
Walk of Fame or during some other public events.

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