William appears in the baseball stadium [The Return of Superman / 2017.05.21]

There are so many yachts here. – Did you come to rent a yacht? / – Yes. – I love riding on things like this. / – Me, too. It’s at the end. This is the yacht. It looks like a catamaran. Yes, that’s right. It’s a catamaran. It has two parallel hulls, so it doesn’t sway too much. It’s the best for a yacht stay. It looks so nice. I think it’ll be very expensive. It’s similar to the price for Haeundae cottages. It’s not too expensive. (Let’s hurry up and ride it!) A friend from Busan recommended it to me. It’s the hottest accommodation these days. It’s called a “Yacht Stay”. (Hammington Ferry is off!) (Waving) Good. Hello. Yes. We’re on a boat. Look at those buildings. They’re huge. (High-rises are reaching the sky.) – May I use these? / – Yes. (Binoculars to help Sam enjoy the view.) (Interested) William. Can you see? No? (Gwangan Bridge stretches across Busan’s beach.) Yes, boy. (His sailor look matches the scenery.) Hold on. I better wear it, too. (Hammington Ferry) (with Captain Sam and Co-caption William) They look like twins. (Take this off of me.) You don’t like it? Okay. Let’s take it off. (What is William looking at?) William is looking at the helm. Do you want to try it with William? Hold it. (William is promoted to Captain.) Now turn it to the left. Good. Is it fun? (I’m fit for this job.) Do you want to do it again? (Thanks to William’s talented steering,) (the catamaran is well on its way.) Let’s go see. (Shall we look inside?) It’s so quiet inside. It’s different from the outside. (Sam spots something.) You can sing here, William. (Grabbing) What is that? Yes. Microphone check. One, two. Let’s see where we’re sleeping. It’s down here. (Where is the bedroom?) Oh my. Goodness. (They try out their bed.) (It’s time to get cozy.) (William is excited.) Aren’t you glad we’re here? (He suddenly gets up.) You should wear a hat on the boat. Let’s fly. Here. (What’s up there?) (The window connects to the outside.) Hello. Hello. (They’re enjoying the view.) William, look at the sea. It’s so beautiful. We can see the mountains, the ocean and the beach. Gimbap! (There’s gimbap, too?) What? – I came to deliver drinks. / – Pardon? – Gimbap! / – Gimbap? Do you have ramyeon? No, just gimbap. – Gimbap? / – Yes. – Really? / – Yes. Do you have tuna gimbap? – I have tuna. / – Really? I have sweet and sour meat gimbap, too. – Sweet and sour meat? / – Yes. Do you want one? – How much is it? / – It’s free. – Why is it free? / – Catch it. Why won’t you take money? (He just throws it.) – Why won’t you take my money? / – It’s an event. Really? Where did you come from? From close by. From the beach? Oh, this is for the baby. What? My son? (Speechless) – Are you really giving it to us? / – Yes. Why are you giving us so much? Are you Santa Claus? Wow, William! Thank you. (As they say goodbye to Santa…) Wait, is that your friend? She’s my colleague. Hello. (She’s on her way over.) Hello, William! Aren’t you tired? Your voice is shaking. Say hello, William. Watch out. You’re going to fall. Bye. Thank you for the food. William, let’s enjoy the food. What an amazing event. Let’s eat this. Tuna. Doesn’t it look nice? I love tuna gimbap. (Kicking) No. (I want to eat it, too.) It’s tasty. (Don’t you see me?) (William’s tongue is moving fast.) (Desperate) (Just smelling it makes him smile.) You never had this before. William, you can eat it when you’re bigger. (His mouth is following.) Just have a little taste. (You’re torturing me.) How does it taste? (Is this gimbap or lip balm?) Sam’s so cold-hearted. (I got excited for nothing.) Where did it go? (Give me something to eat!) Do you want this? What is it? (He has some juice instead.) (This is it.) Are you a vampire? Dracula. (Sucking) (He frowns in concentration.) (Vampire William is enjoying his juice.) (I need more juice.) Did you eat a mouse? Is it good? (Punching) (Sorry, it’s just too delicious.) (It’s dance time to help them digest.) (Swaying dance) (Howling) ♪ The wolf came and howled ♪ (I want the wolf to keep coming.) ♪ The wolf came and howled ♪ (One more time!) Hey, what is that? (He’s getting himself ready.) (He crouches,) (then stands up.) (He has instant coffee maracas.) Are you going to make me coffee? (I’m dancing to the beat.) The energetic Hammingtons’ next destination is Busan’s representative Sajik Stadium. (Sajik Stadium is the place to watch baseball.) There are so many people, aren’t there? (Why are they at the stadium?) A friend of mine is a coach to Busan’s baseball team. (Who is Sam’s friend?) – There he is. / – Big man. – Long time no see mate. How are you? / – Hello, mate. – I’m good. / – I’m good. Hello, handsome. Hello, handsome. Uncle Chris, this is little William. I’ve seen lots of photos of you, buddy. – I see that you got the jerseys? / – Yes. I love them. Thank you. – I’m glad we got the right size. / – Yes. I’m sure it took a bit of work to find my size. Yes, it’s Choi Joonsuk’s. I had to – raid his locker to get it. / – It’s his personal one? You got his personal stash. That was the only one that comes big enough. – Bye, guys. Have a good day. Bye mate. / – See you. – Bye, Uncle Chris. / – Bye. (The stadium is filled with cheerful fans.) Sajik Stadium is the pilgrimage for cheering. (William makes an appearance.) William’s presence adds to the cheering fever. (Who is this?) They decided to cheer in the crowd with a friend from Busan. (Dumbfounded) (William is surprised by the crowd.) (It’s time to cheer.) It’s time to start cheering. Do you want to hold it? (Do you want to try holding it?) (Grabbing) William prepared something, too. (Now is the time.) William, clap. (He’s learning how to clap with the balloons.) Lotte, Lotte. (He’s blowing to make sounds.) (He practiced at home for today.) William practiced so much for today. Will he do just as well on site? (His body’s reacting to the cheer song.) (I’m the best cheerleader in town.) (He can’t help but be excited.) What’s wrong with you? (Slapping) – Lee Daeho. / – Lee Daeho. (Lee Daeho is here.) (They’re cheering.) Yes, clap. (Let’s get a homerun.) (Let’s go, let’s go.) (Despite their cheering…) Although everyone’s cheering, the team is losing. William. William won’t sit by like this. William, please cheer for them. (Will he be able to blow as well as he did at home?) (Sucking) (He’s going to eat the whistle.) Babies only know how to suck at first. (Go like this.) Look. William, look at him. Do that again. Try it. (Their friend is playing a prank.) Try it. Will William succeed like his friend? (You did well at home.) (Will he blow or not?) (Squeaking) (William’s power is transferring over.) Thanks to William’s cheer, it’s a two-base hit. (Cheering) (I’m glad I cheered for them.) (It’s a celebration.) You can’t forget fried chicken at a festival. William’s instincts tell him to put his hand in. (Is he having his first fried chicken?) (Fail) (You’re too young for this.) (He’s trying again.) (Sam catches him.) You can’t eat this. Hold on. Since William wants it so badly, Sam gives him a little piece of the meat. (Chewing) (He tries chicken for the first time.) Is it good? (He’s energized.) Good. (So this is why people obsess over chicken.) (I want to become a chicken.) William. Look, William. Please come out. (Who will share a cute kiss?) (They must be strangers.) He’s kissing his male friend instead. (We’ll cheer for your friendship.) Next up is a middle-aged couple. (Let’s get it over with.) Clap. (Frightened) (The wife is passionate.) (Why are you refusing?) Why is she hitting him? (The crowd is getting heated up.) Isn’t this fun? (Screaming) The third couple is… It’s Sam and William. (Did something happen?) (It’s a nice and wet kiss.) (Please save me.) (I’m burnt out.) Clap. (Who is today’s best couple?) Sam and William are chosen as the best couple. Like their big kiss, they made great memories.

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  1. Whenever William smiles, I can't help but to smile as well. He really is an angel.
    God Bless him and Sam.

  2. So not only were Sam and William super cute in this but so were the other people around them?? (the guy on the yacht and the orange sweatshirt man at the baseball game) The gimbap man was hilarious, how was he or the girl not tired?!?!?!


  4. he is so cute omg 😍😍😍 william meets bts please that would be so adorable omg😭💗

  5. I just came home from an exam that left me with exhaustion. But Williams smile made me so happy I almost cried

  6. Gosh I adore this family, love how everyone was excited to see them and cheered when they were on the screen. So much fun& cuteness as always with Sam&William 😊😆💕

  7. omg I love William he's so smiley and cute omg and sam as father is goals like he got William to experience  many things at that young age anyway love the William family fighting

  8. Like if see a different emoji

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