William plays hide-and-seek with Dad “Pee k-a-boo” [The Return of Superman/2018.03.25]

Where is he? Who? (That man, Daddy.) – The man. / – Which man? (That man who strums.) Do you want to go meet him? (Ready, appear!) – Just once, okay? / – Daddy. (Who is the mysterious jingle man?) Who is the jingle man that William is so intent on seeing? Are you ready? (He is ready.) Jingle, jingle. Are you going to play the guitar too? (He wants to play the guitar.) Here. (He takes the electric guitar.) Here it comes. (Shall I begin?) (He lip-syncs perfectly.) (Jingle, jingle) (I am a rocker.) William, do you want a microphone? – Dad. / – Should I sing? (Dad, you should sing.) (Sam is filled with emotions.) (He speeds up.) (Rock spirit surges within him.) (The Hammington Band is formed.) (His stage manners captivate the fans.) (Bentley wakes up.) William, the baby is awake. I will go check up on Bentley. Stay there. (I am exhausted and in need of a rest.) (Bentley stopped crying right away.) Hi. (Hi, Bentley.) What is it? (He shows his bright smile.) (William is exhausted.) (He quenches his thirst first.) (He drinks cold water.) (What else should I play with?) (The water replenished his energy.) While Sam checks up on Bentley, William plays well by himself. William, will you… (Spilling) Goodness, I thought he might do that. (I am the man of this neighborhood.) (This isn’t what I want.) (This isn’t what I want either.) (Shooting) William is playing. You should go, “William, are you playing?” (Sam is absorbed with Bentley.) “You are playing.” William’s next target is toilet paper rolls. (I choose you.) William seems quite excited today. (Pulling) (Sam is welcomed) (by a messy living room.) William. (I thought someone had broken in.) Mister. Mister. William. He won’t even look back. (He pretends not to hear Sam.) (Knocking) William. Did you do this? William. Making a mess will only be hard on you. Clean up after your own mess. (What? Do you want me to take a picture?) No, please clean up. I didn’t say, “Take a picture.” Put everything in the container. (William begins to clean up by himself.) Good boy. (His favorite alligator doll) (goes into the container.) Put this inside. (Sam helps William.) Put this inside. (William, you are doing great.) (The living room becomes neat.) (What are you doing now?) (He sits inside the container.) Where is William? Where is he? Where is William? There you are! William? William? William? (Peek-a-boo) When did you go in there? (He plays hide-and-seek with Dad.) Ben, lie down for a second. (They finish cleaning up.) Are you warm? (Pulling out) (Do you know what the last step is?) William, do you want to do this with me? (Vacuuming) William, let’s do this together. (William, let’s vacuum together.) (This is…) (Shooting a gun) (Shooting a machine gun) (Gaji takes all the bullets.) (Sam is more excited than his son.) (Dad has a nice gun.) (I want to use it.) (Pressing) (A shadow approaches him.) (Bane, the villain appears.) (Take this.) (In the name of justice, I won’t forgive you.) (I win.) – Give me food. / – Food? Give me food. I will make you something tasty. You might love it. Play with Ben. I will make it. Okay. (Bentley.) (Play with me.) (Ben, you are so cute.) (Kissing) (Kissing) (William and Bentley get along.) (William is the best.) (Crying) Even though William is young, he takes good care of his brother. How cute! (Bentley stops crying.) While the brothers are playing, Sam is busy cooking. I am curious to see what they will have. William, shall we eat? (It smells nice.) Bentley, let’s sit down. – Bread. / – Bread. We are eating bread today. – Bread. / – Bread. Your favorite dish is inside. (My favorite dish?) – Baby. / – Yes, the baby is here. (I like you too.) William. In one, two, three. (My goodness.) (Wow!) – What is this? / – Sam’s special menu is bread bowl pasta. There are two ingredients William likes. Bread and noodles. This is a dish that combines the two. This is his first time seeing this dish. Do you want to eat bread? (Will it captivate William’s tastes?) (It’s hot.) It’s a bit hot, right? Blow on it first. – Is it tasty? / – Yes. (Bentley smiles like a dad.) (The bread-loving child eats with relish.) Let’s try the pasta. I made pasta. Spaghetti. (Sam’s cream pasta) (Open wide.) Open wide. (He loves pasta.) (He is eating well.) – Dirty. / – Dirty? (I am eating well.) – Me. / – You? (This is how you eat well.) (No wonder he likes the dish.) (He takes one bite of the bread.) The bread and pasta suit William’s tastes. Sam, you did a good job. Is it tasty? (How does Sam’s dish score?) (Dad’s dish gets 100.) 100.

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