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Hi everyone, Alexis from HomerunMonkey here, with Wilson’s glove guru, Aso, to talk about the Pedroia Fit in their Wilson A2K, A2000,
and A1K baseball gloves. Aso, what is the story behind the Pedroia Fit? What does it mean to have a Pedroia Fit in your baseball gloves? Hi everybody, I’m Aso, from Wilson
Sporting Goods. I will explain about the Pedroia Fit. I visited him to design his glove, and he’s just like your height. And I, I always compare my hand with the player. I shake hand, like this way, so I can feel the width of a hand and size of a hand. So I did that way, of course I compare hand to hand. This way. Yes. Almost the same as his hand. A little
bit bigger. If only I could play like him, huh? That’s why, ok, maybe we should make
a little bit smaller hand opening and also finger divider because if it’s tall like this
way, you cannot feel good control. So make it lower so then he can control better. This is normal A2000 1786. 1786. Ok, so, his is a 1786, right? Based on 86 we designed his glove. And lower finger crotches, so he can control better. And also, we make like this
wrist strap here, a little smaller so that he can control also, better. See? This and
this. We covered a little bit of our label, but this doesn’t care for him, I mean, this
is the smallest possible we can make. Right. So it’s going to be smaller around his wrist so that way he’s got a little bit more control and it’s not flopping around from side to side?
That’s right. Yeah, that’s very true. And so he can control better, and snug fit. And also this one is a lower height this way, so he can feel back fingers. So it’s going to fit along the back curve of his hand a little bit than a regular 1786 which would
have some space between there? Yeah, that’s right. Basically, Dustin Pedroia has a small hand. That’s right. And so a youth player will too? So you designed that kind of with both in mind? So a youth player can now use an A2000. That’s true, yes, very much. Like the bigger players. You know, get a quality glove without having a huge glove on their hand
and not being able to control it. So they control better and, kind of an extension of your hand. Is there anything else that would come with a Pedroia Fit glove that was specific to Dustin Pedroia? Any other features? For the Pedroia, we just cut off a thin heel pad, because, you know, the catching by heel is, for the double play for instance, moving around and catching and rebound is not good. So that’s why we made it thinner here. And also he likes to make the pocket shallow as possible. That’s why he puts the double lace here, so we’re not stretching this part too much. So the base of the pocket will stay more stable and more shallow for quicker transitions. Yeah, that’s what he requested. So, I can’t help but notice when you’re holding that glove, as opposed to a regular A2000, you can kind of go like this, and you see the laces are flopping around, and this doesn’t really do
that. Why are the laces so much longer? Actually, when I made new, his glove, I pound it, and the lace was kind of stretched out. That’s why a little bit tighten, and tighten makes this one kind of this longer lace. And I didn’t cut because, just intentionally, so he knows how we pound it. So I sent it that way. He left it that way. Right, so you just, you broke in the glove for him and you gave it to him like that with the longer laces, but didn’t even think about the laces, you just wanted him to see what it looked like broken in? Yeah. And he likes the laces? Yeah, that’s true. So you can find that on all Pedroia
Fit models? Yeah, we do it like this way. The Pedroia Fit like this one, long lace. And also everything, as I mentioned before. Great. Well thank you for the information
and explaining what the Pedroia Fit really is and what we can find on it. And you can
find all Pedroia Fit models at HomerunMonkey.com, or at any of our MonkeySports Superstores. Thanks for watching. Thank you very much.

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  1. Hmmmm cool glove….i wish i had but i dont have any money and i dont know where to buy cuz im in Ph…i wish i had it…

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