Winsco Land Clearing Hyundai HX140LC Excavator Forestry Mulching Customer Testimonial

I’m Mark Miller Winsco Land lCearing
we’re a land clearing forestry mulching company. We serve South Carolina and
North Carolina. We’ve been in business for about a year and a half now. So we’ve
owned this Hyundai HX140LC for about two months now. First thing right off the
RIP – I really love the Cummins engine in this thing. It’s a very powerful machine.
It’s very quiet in the cab, it’s very smooth with the controls. Working with
May Heavy Equipment was very seamless. They got the entire thing put together
for me all in one shot. We got a bucket hydraulic thumb, and obviously as you can see, the Denis Cimaf 100 Mulcher with tilt. It’s very powerful
machine and a good compact size for working in the woods, which is
mainly what we do. Cummins is the biggest name when it comes to heavy equipment or all things diesel, and the awesome thing about is May Heavy Equipment, my
local Hyundai dealer, is very close by. They have Cummins certified technicians on hand to
work on this, but also, Cummins has a very big dealer network, so I know I can
depend on this engine if I ever need service. It’ll be taken care of quickly.
The dozer push blade on it – that was a huge selling feature to me. Now I can
backfill anything that I’ve dug up when I’m taking out stumps on a land clearing
project, plus, I like how it stabilizes the machine when you anchor it down on
the ground. We do a lot of land clearing, right-of-way forestry mulching, and roadside maintenance etc. It’s a very good machine, it’s very powerful too. It’s a very smooth
machine the ride is good it’s got an air-ride heated seat in it. The Denis
Cimaf mulcher too, has a lot of power at the end of the stick. It’s got very
good high flow, very good psi to the mulcher head. Hi, my name is Michael
Miller, Winsco Land Clearing, I’m a machiner operator for Mark Miller. I
think one of my favorite pieces of equipment to run is going to be the
Hyundai excavator. The air-ride suspension in it for the seat is really, really
comfortable…it rides like a Cadillac, it’s got a lot of power, a lot of torque and
with the mulcher hooked up to it, it can take all the trees down that we need. I
think the interior is really really comfortable, it’s a lot bigger than most,
and the surround sound system is pretty nice because I like to listen to music
while I’m operating, and the air conditioning works really really good
too. The Hyundai HX140, when in comparison to competitor machines… the hydraulics are very smooth when it comes to control,
drivability, the flow to the implements. A really cool feature this machine has,
besides the awesome Cummins engine – I have Hi MATE technology inside this cab. Anywhere, all day, every day, I know where my machine is, how its operating, what’s
going on with it. It reduces fuel consumption and ownership cost, and plus I have peace of mind know where my machine is and if it’s running or not. What I
love about my new Hyundai HX140 – I’ve owned a lot of competitor machines, and I feel like I really have an edge on my competition. Now, when it comes to the
Forester mulching and land clearing industry, I’m very excited to have this
excavator. I’m one of the first people to get an H140 with a Cummins
engine in it, and it definitely proves the power.

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