Wiz Khalifa: Son’s Baseball Coach By Day, Rapper By Night

– [Kelly] So, have you
met anybody here yet? – [Wiz] Um, no not yet. – This is the first time? – Yeah, yeah. – Okay, they were all excited, they were like, “Is he going to perform?” I’m like, “No, he’s actually going to do something else, so I’m very excited about it.” – Yeah, [Laughs] Sorry. – But, you know I’m
obsessed with your son, I told you backstage I
think he is adorable, Sebastian’s six now right? – Yeah, he’s six years old. – Does he rap? – He does, he’s got like
his own little playlist of music, like when I come in the car, or when he gets in the car after school, he’s like, “Daddy play
this song, this song, that song.” – [Laughs] My daughter’s
bossy like that too. – Yeah, I mean I try to
put him onto new stuff, and he don’t even want to hear it. [Laughter] – My daughter, yeah,
she’ll try and do that, and I’m like, “I love,”
I mean I just grew up on Tupac, Ludacris, I love all that stuff, and anytime it plays she’s like, “No, I wanna hear this,” and I’m like, “Oh, okay.” – Oh yeah, for sure, exactly. – So I heard you also
coach Bastian’s is it baseball team? – I do coach his baseball team, yeah. – Yeah, that’s- I mean- [Wiz Laughs] [Audience Applause] – We have kids in sports,
and I’m just wondering what it’s like when you show up, and you’re the coach, and all the parents are like, “What?!” – Well first it smells a little funny when I show up. – It does, yeah? [Laughter] – It’s like hanging
out with Willie Nelson? [Laughter] – But, um, it’s crazy
because one of the coaches actually came up to me, he’s a fireman, and he just told me this yesterday, he was like, “I was watching TV and I seen an interview with you on there,” and I was like, “Well what the heck is the Dodger’s coach doing on TV?” He didn’t even know I was a rapper, so- – [Kelly] Oh my God! – They had to tell him who I was. – He is seriously out of touch, okay. – But it’s cool because I felt like maybe I’m doing such a good job as a coach, he don’t know I’m a rapper, so. – That’s really cool though, because I feel like as parents it’s hard to like One, either find something
in common sometimes, and also just have the
time to do something like that, so it’s
awesome you take the time to do that. – Yeah, yeah, for me it’s super important. I love children, and this is the most important time in his life, especially spending it with me and his friends and the relationships that
they’re going to build, so, any hand that I can have in that, I’m trying to do it. – You’re a good daddy, yeah.

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  1. Amber says all the time he’s an excellent dad and she’s even said she wants to have another child with him because he’s an amazing father..

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