Wolverine’s STRONGEST Weapon [Time Bat]

There are a lot of powerful weapons in the
Marvel universe like the Infinity Gauntlet and Mjolnir, but would you believe that one
of the most powerful obscure objects in the entire Marvel universe is a bedazzled time
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sponsorship and now back to the video! Now buckle yourselves in because this is going
to be a wild ride. When you’re dealing with a weapon that can
manipulate time itself or honestly whenever you’re dealing with comic book time travel
at all, things are going to be all over the place. The Time Bat first appeared in the Astonishing
Spider-Man & Wolverine series in 2010, written by one of my favorite writers, Jason Aaron. This storyline revolves around the time traveling
shenanigans of Spider-Man and Wolverine after they’re flung all throughout time when they
tried to prevent criminals from robbing precious time diamonds from a bank. Oh you heard me right, TIME DIAMONDS. Not to be confused with the Time Stone, these
little gems are crazy strong and they have an equally crazy origin. You see, billions of years ago, these insanely
powerful gems actually grew on trees on a planet that didn’t survive long enough to
be named by any civilization because of its unstable core. When it finally exploded, the diamonds were
scattered all throughout the universe. You know the meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs? Yeah, that was actually a part of this planet
and it’s how some of the Time Diamonds landed on Earth. I know that this sounds like a bunch of dumb
comic book nonsense and you would be correct. However, this is kind of just the tip of the
iceberg. Anyway, while Spidey and Wolviene were being
flung every which way through time, they were also being hunted down by two mysterious villains,
Czar and Big Murder. Although they seem like these big scary villains
when all you can see are these silhouettes, you probably didn’t think that they looked
like this. Czar was a New York City drug dealer in the
21st century with his right hand man, Big Murder. That is until they got their hands on some
of the Time Diamonds. Using their power, the two traveled the timestream
to do and take whatever they wanted throughout all of history. In fact, they keep all of their plunder and
stolen women in a space mansion at the end of time and party on the regular with their
past and future versions of themselves. While Czar embedded the diamonds on his bracelets,
earrings, and even his teeth, most of them are kept on his trusty baseball bat which
he calls the Timestick. A single Time Diamond is enough to let someone
travel throughout all of space and time at will so with all of the diamonds at Czar and
Big Murder’s disposal, they’re pretty much untouchable. Not to mention that the Time Bat also allows
them to freeze time itself. Although it initially seems like someone wielding
Time Diamonds is able to control their abilities, Czar does note that when he hits someone with
the Time Bat, it completely bounces them to another place and time at random. Czar and Big Murder were having a lot of fun
messing with Spider-Man and Wolverine, but Logan was able to steal the bat away from
them and used it to bring him and Spider-Man to the source of the Time Diamonds. You see, the two heroes needed to bedazzle
themselves with the gems so that they could cancel out the abilities of their enemy’s
diamonds. Hell, Wolverine was so cocky that he even
gave the Bat back to Czar before kicking his ass and shredding it with his claws! I know that this hyper simplified look at
the mini-series probably makes it sound really stupid, but I swear, it is a lot better than
it sounds. Regardless, even though Wolverine sliced up
the Time Bat, this wouldn’t be the last that we see of it. Fast forward to the Infinity Wars event in
2018. This series featured a VERY brief cameo of
the Time Bat when it was wielded by a future version of Wolverine who is also an avatar
of the Phoenix Force. That being said, the Bat’s appearance was
so brief that I would need to spend more time explaining Infinity Wars than actually talking
about the Time Bat itself which is the subject of this video. But because I love you guys, here’s a super
quick version. The plot of Infinity Wars is that Gamora used
the Infinity Stones to reduce the population of the universe by half by fusing people together. This creates something like the Amalgam Comics
crossover that DC and Marvel did years ago. If you’d like to know more then I have an
entire playlist of videos dedicated to explaining it. A few characters managed to avoid the fusion,
most notably, Loki, who made it his mission to revert the world back to normal. This brought Loki to the X-Men’s school
where he met named Diamond Patch, a fusion of Emma Frost and Wolverine. By reading Loki’s mind, Patch discovered
that Loki was telling the truth about Gamora. Because of his own off panel adventures, Patch
knows that he’ll one day become an avatar of the Phoenix Force so he uses his telepathic
powers to send a message to his future self. In that very instant, the future version of
Wolverine appears to briefly help out and in his possession is the Time Bat which is
how he traveled back to the past in the first place. Make sense? Okay! Infinity Wars setting up this future Wolverine
led to him coming back one more time so that he could actually give the Time Bat to his
younger self. Along with the gift, he also tasked both the
young Wolverine and Loki with protecting a man named Hector. You see, during the Infinity Wars event, each
of the Infinity Stones were given a soul and the Time Stone had fused itself to this Hector
dude. When Wolverine and Loki finally meet Hector,
of course he wasn’t on board with hanging out with some random hairy dude with claws
and the literal god of lies. So when Hector tried to inevitably escape,
he quickly learned that the Time Bat is so powerful that its wielder can’t be frozen
in time EVEN by the power of an Infinity Stone! Now long time viewers of my channel might
remember that in a previous video, I mentioned that the Infinity Stones ARE the respective
things that they’re named after. That means that the Time Stone IS time itself. This makes it just a little bit crazy that
the Time Bat is so powerful that it can cancel out the stone’s abilities. However, it’s worth noting that Hector has
not mastered these newfound powers yet. It’s very possible that in the comics, the
Time Bat wouldn’t be able to negate the abilities of the Time Stone later on after
Hector has more practice. However, until that’s cemented in canon,
that means that this sparkly baseball bat seems to be more powerful than time itself. Anyway, back to the plot. Despite Hector not wanting to work with Wolverine
and Loki, he didn’t have much of a choice considering that multiple bad guys from space
were hunting him down so that they could capture Hector, cut him open, and take the Time Stone
for themselves which yeah, nearly happens. Wolverine and Loki went to space to rescue
Hector (after also recruiting Doctor Strange’s ghost dog, because comics) and a lot of really
cool action ensues. My favorite moment has to be when Logan gets
burned to a crisp and uses the Time Bat to rapidly accelerate his healing factor to repair
his body and get right back into the action. The down side though is that this left Wolverine
naked in the process which led him to covering his junk with a belt that he made from the
heads of his fallen enemies. Yeah, I can’t believe that they let this
guy into The Avengers. Eventually, Wolverine and company teleported
off of the enemy ship and blew it up behind them. Unfortunately though, it looks like nobody
thought to grab the Time Bat and it looks like that it was left behind and got blown
up on the ship. I wouldn’t say that this is the last that
we’ll see of the Time Bat though and I have two theories as to why. First of all, we’ve straight up seen the
Time Bat get destroyed and come back before so it’s not unprecedented. The second and frankly more interesting option
is that one of the enemies could have snagged it before the ship blew up and simply time
traveled away. I’m hoping that it’s the latter and let’s
be real, that’s probably what happened. I am a huge fan of the Time Bat and I’m
really glad that I got to share this really interesting and weird part of Marvel history
with you guys and if you learned anything new then please let me know down there in
the comments below. I’d really like to hear it! But if you liked this video then why not consider
subscribing or even watching another one? And since the Time Bat first appeared in the
Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine series then I feel like it’s appropriate to mention
that I have a dedicated playlist for ALL of my Spider-Man videos so if you have some free
time. Maybe watch through those. I’m biased. I think they’re pretty good, but anyway. I hope you learned at least a little something
new and hopefully, I’ll see you next time!

100 thoughts on “Wolverine’s STRONGEST Weapon [Time Bat]

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