8 thoughts on “Woman asks for change after being struck by puck during hockey game

  1. Nets wont give you situational awareness……dont ruin it for other fans able to pay attention at SPORTING EVENTS! Denver in on the obama welfare train….that bitch is bigger than the other two reporters combined!😥🤮

  2. I hate how hockey has become a family event. Everybody knows somebody who's been hit by a puck. Pay attention if you're above the Plexi.

  3. Pay attention at baseball and hockey games. This is common sense and obviously not a committed fan of DU since she has been season ticket holders and knows the puck can fly into the stands anytime. If she doesn’t want the puck then give it away and stop complaining about it. DU did nothing wrong.

  4. Is there a video of her getting hit? Based on her report and where she was sitting it doesn't seem physically possible for her to be hit by a puck coming from on the ice.

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