47 thoughts on “Woman With Baseball Bat Smashes Windows Of Restaurant

  1. If that was me the cops would have pulled up immediately and I would have been shot to death.

    When will these whores start being killed in the streets when they act idiotic. It would definitely result in these whores thinking twice about destroying businesses and attacking people because they feel like it.


  2. You know their kind. Always assume the worse from these people. Can't blame people for calling the police on them for no reason.

  3. Obama's and deblasio daughter at it again . Bring back the 2nd amendment to new york city so law abiding citizens can defend themself.

  4. Who these people think they are she did that because she feel a man won't kick her ass wrong store boo if I was a worker you would be over…

  5. I thought weapons were banned in the progressive utopia of Wakanda? How did she get a bat? Did one of those evil white people smuggle a bat in to sow discord in the most unified community in the world, the black community?

  6. Sheeeit, she wuz jes tryn' ta get beef patties fo da church group an fought dey crackuhs in da shop wanna play sum baseball! Yall jes raciss

  7. This is not the way they depict these people in the movies now. Usually they are depicted as people of authority, managers, supervisors, police chiefs and even hero's. But this woman is proof of what they are really like. Seeing is believing.

  8. Oh cmon on…this must be a White Supremacist in black face…Just watch any TV show on ABC,CBS or NBC and you will see African Americans are the smartest people and the most gentle…if the world needs saving …Call a Blac…I mean African American

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