Women′s handball team win first gold in 8 years… hockey gold in 16 years 여자

And a good Thursday morning to you all, as
we continue on with our 2014 Incheon Asian Games coverage,…
starting off with some notable gold medal finishes. One of which was the South Korean
women′s team and their first gold medal in 8 years.
Now the South Korean women′s handball team,… who are known as the powerhouses in the sport,…
won 5 straight Asian Games gold starting in 1986,… before losing to Japan in the 2010
Asian Games. But it was pay back time,… as the South Korean national team… dominated
the offense and the defense,… beating Japan 29-19,… to reclaim their Asian Games gold.
Meanwhile, over in women′s hockey final,… the South Korean women′s team,… finally
claim their first Asian Games gold in 16 years,… as Kim Da-rae scores the lone goal in the
3rd quarter,… as they defeat China 1-0.

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