41 thoughts on “Women’s football in Kabul | DW Documentary

  1. As a communist from India, I can't be happier that Afghan society is getting better in all these aspects…finally the ill-effects of American sponsored extremism led by Taliban are on the fall. Hope Afghans rise up again and participate in the global progressive movements…

  2. Afghanistan legitimately seems like one of the most backwards places on earth. Why are women getting threatened over kicking a ball around for fun? It's like an alien world.

  3. Unfortunately Afghanistan is the dangerous Country in the world for all the people especially for women 😂😂😂

  4. I’m very impressed with Madina and the other young women’s courage and determination in the pursuit of the sports of their dreams in a country which is dominated by men. With great admiration and respect and best of luck to them. With equal respect to the camera crew for shooting this wonderful documentary. Thank you.

  5. Teachers give her low grades because she plays football? Aint that a bitch! How abt some encouragement…stupidity at it best in the name of religion

  6. How lovely it would be if countries instead of trying to interfere in Afghanistan as part of foreign policy simply funded groups such as these girls so they are empowered to help there own countries.
    These girls are pioneers who may very well change the younger generation of both men and women

  7. as a man and Afghan this bothers me to see a society where women are not allowed to just enjoy life and do something as simple as running. religion and culture can become toxic. i actually encourage my fiance to play sports as her being healthier will benefit me too in the long run.

  8. Look, we 🇮🇳ns and 🇷🇺ns gave 🇦🇫ns much need sports infrastructure and financial aid. Fucking 🇵🇰is gave the 🇦🇫ns nothing except the bloody Taliban.

  9. Whoever gave a thumbs down shame on you – your psychology is no different than the Taliban. These young women have simple aspirations, what we take for granted they risk with their lives. I am from Iran, and I know many Afghans personally, they are the kindest most humble people ever. I wish these girls the best in their lives. And kudos for the men there who stand by them and give them the opportunity to enjoy whatever they choose. Those men deserve the utmost respect. Madina, you are awesome. You are a true inspiration.

  10. Wow, the poor girl @11:08 was so excited that she could get to play football.. something we all take for granted here in Western nations.

  11. is kind of interesting how hard afghan lady's should fight for such a normal thing.
    I really want to see one day people of Afghanistan to have better life in their own country.✌️

  12. "Madina Azizi’s work has attracted both praise and fame, as well as a lot of hostility. Not everyone welcomes her commitment to female self-determination." So true, that people are like that, but great spirits can move mountains. All the Bests! G

  13. Only in Afghanistan would a woman be realistically threatened with death for attending a volleyball game. What an absolute shit hole country.

  14. I wish the best for the woman's in Afghanistan they are strong persons,brave lady's, and God bless Afghanistan people,greetings from Brazil

  15. my respect for Madina, what an inspiration! Afghani women deserve the right to play football in their homeland, my wish is for equal rights between men and women in Afghanistan.

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