Women’s Hockey vs. Brown Highlights – Nov. 1 2019

Today from Bright-Landry Hockey Center the
Crimson open their home slate of the new season as they welcome fellow ECAC and Ivy League
rival in the Brown University Bears. Heres Kat Hughes up at the top of the slot
throws it towards the net. There’s a rebound chance down low. Battle one along the boards now Jovanovich
the other way for the crimson. show right on rebound chance barrelling into the goaltender
rebound they’re gonna score. In house still says 0-0. Here’s the official with the call. no goal. For the bears another deflection in front
rebound chance and now they score. Anne Bloomer on the doorstep. the mid-west has a lot of good ones and pacific
north west of Canada as Harvard fires this one in. A slot shot. It was Keely Moy. I feel like that is where they’re most solid
and where would the scoring come from. Brown’s gonna finish off an answer. Who else it’s Shay Maloney. Back into the zone nice dangle, they score. Excellent move. It was Kate Tresca. You mentioned the size of their bench, no
doubt about that as this one redirects in front. Another score for Harvard. We are in the final 10 seconds over the Harvard
crest at mid ice. She’ll lay it in softly and that’s gonna do
it. Harvard’s gonna win this afternoon by a final
score of 4-1.

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