Women’s Volleyball NY Region Challenge 10 29 16

Zel Fortson: Overall I think we’ve started off a
little shaky today and then we slowly Zel: decided that we needed to have a change because our record from the beginning of this Zel: month was very very good. Then we kind of had a rollercoaster of a month so we really needed to change something today and I think Zel: we did. We came out strongand realized
we needed to change it up on the court Zel: and spread it out and give it to
everyone so I think everyone contributed Zel: to this way today feels really good to win finally. Jolie Ward: Overall as far as this day is concerned
our girls really tried to fight through Julie: and they had a lot of character that
they showed in the first match. Having to be Julie: down by two and then coming back and
fighting really was a lot of character Julie: for them and show that they have fight in them and if they’re really Julie: determined to be able to show how good
they are which is a very good team and Julie: our inconsistencies are really the only thing that right now is hindering us.

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