Wood Bat Customization

Ways to Customize Your Wood Bat [INTRO MUSIC]>>CAMERON MARTIN: Hey guys. I’m Cameron Martin with Marucci Sports here
with DICK’S Sporting Goods to talk to you about ways you can customize your wood bats. The first thing you’re going to do when
customizing your bat is pick the model. You can do that in an adult or a youth bat
and the model options are endless. Pick the one that’s for you. It’s going to be in your hands, so make
sure the knob feels good and the balance is what you like. We offer this at the full-length inch as well
as the half-inch length as well. Super important, super specific.>>CAMERON MARTIN: Next thing you’re going
to do is pick your bat weight. Super important thing, you want to make sure
that you pick the weight that suits your swing. Whether you have a heavy swing or a light
swing, you want to pick something that’s good for you, that suits you the best.>>CAMERON MARTIN: Next thing you’re going
to do is pick the color. You can customize the handle color and the
barrel color different from each other, or you can make a bat one solid color if you
choose so. We have inferno here on this handle and a
red barrel. As you can see, the inferno is burned. Each one is different, so it’s going to
be unique to you. It’s burned by hand on a lathe by a worker
in the Marucci woodshop.>>CAMERON MARTIN: As well as stain color,
you can pick a favorite color. You might have your team color or just something
that makes this bat special to you and your needs. Once you’re done customizing your handle
color, your barrel color, your model, your engraving and your logo, you can then customize
the knob as well. So, you can put your team number on there,
you can put your initials, anything you like. It’s up to you. [OUTRO MUSIC]

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