Wood-Fired Cricket Pizzas & Lobster Calzones || Fork Yeah: Woodpecker by David Burke

– So the cricket pizza originally
was called Cricket Rita, ’cause it was a margherita with crickets. You know I’ve always been thought of as a creative guy and outside the box. I like to say there is no box, but, yes, we’ll take outside the box. Whenever I do a dish, whether, you know, and you can go back to the word fusion, which I’ve never been a fan of, but if we’re gonna do a dish, and it has certain ingredients from a certain region, we try to tie the rest of
the plate into that region. For example, the crickets,
most of them are from Mexico. So we did a jalapeño pesto,
so it at least pays homage to the region where it’s coming from. And I know, that 10 years from now, you’ll see insects in
side dishes and in salads and probably baked into
an everything bagel. I just think it’s a fun idea. And it gives people an
opportunity to dabble in something that you don’t get in every restaurant. Nobody has to come here
and eat a cricket pizza. It’s there if you want it. – Mmm, you know, this tastes like your average, delicious margherita pizza, but it has a little like
south of the border flair with these crickets that really are just a textural note more than anything. But, you are getting an added
spice from the jalapeño pesto, which isn’t like a crazy
mouth on fire heat; it’s more of a red pepper
flake on your pizza. It’s really, really delicious. Mmm. And you know, they’re even
putting cricket in the flour on this pizza, and in a way, I almost think this dough is crispier. It tastes like your average pizza dough, but it’s almost got a
little extra bite to it. This pizza is killer. But, I’m really excited to
check out this lobster calzone that I’ve been seeing all over Instagram. Wow. This is something I’ve never seen before. Wild, I mean, they are not holding back with this lobster meat in here. There’s a claw just
hanging out right on top. I mean, beautiful meat, too. Pull the tail out, get
this meat off it here. Oh man. That ricotta in there, wow. Hmm. I think, also something that’s
really helping this dish is all the different aromatics
that they had mixed in with the cheese, I saw some scallions, and it just adds a nice
little umph to that cheese and puts it on the same
plane as the lobster, which we all know is such a strong meat and such a strong taste. You know what this really is? This is pretty much a
glorified lobster Hot Pocket, and I’m not mad about it at all. The oils that they finish this on really bring the dish together. There’s a lot of richness of the lobster and the cheese together, but that chili oil and that basil oil sort of cuts through it and
it adds another dimension to all this richness
that’s going on on there. Sort of creeps up at the end of the bite. Since we’re out at a
David Burke restaurant, you know we had to get his
signature clothesline bacon. And if you like what you saw today, please like, comment, and share below. Mmm. Wow.

7 thoughts on “Wood-Fired Cricket Pizzas & Lobster Calzones || Fork Yeah: Woodpecker by David Burke

  1. Ok if I'm going to work for you. I DRAW THE LINE @ EATTING BUGS. NO WAY IN HELL!! BUT LOBSTER I'M ALL IN… I'LL EAT THOSE Crusty shell bugs ALL DAY LONG.. I'm your girl to eat seafood… LOL… I'll even eat crawdads, but not fond of scallops. Will eat if have to, but I'll trade for oysters… OMG!! I'm getting hungry… lol… just having fun on a Sunday…
    Have a great day,

  2. Interesting that Burke is wearing his BLT Prime chef coat at Woodpecker. Never thought about such things until now. Had grasshoppers in Mexico last year. Not sure they will ever be my top 20 go to for pizzas but who knows? Great episode.

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