Work Ethic with Bryce Harper – Baseball Pro Tips

Baseball Pro Tips: Work Ethic with Bryce Harper [INTRO MUSIC]>>BRYCE HARPER: First of all, I think kids
should play every sport. Play as many sports as possible. You know, for me I was able to not be dragged
into just play baseball. My parents, they let me kind of pick what
I wanted to do – if that was football, baseball, basketball – and once I touched a baseball,
it was like my love grew. My love grew for the game, the competition,
trying to get better and that’s what I wanted to do. It was something that I enjoyed doing.>>BRYCE HARPER: At the big league level, everybody
has their routine, everybody has their work. For me, it’s sticking to that routine as
much as possible and understanding what works for myself compared to what works for anybody
else. Just really trying to enjoy what you do and
if you don’t enjoy doing it then don’t do it. Figure out what you want to do and give your
whole heart to it and, [CRACK OF A BAT HITTING A BASEBALL]>>BRYCE HARPER: Understand what you want to

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