Working with Parents: Baseball Coaching Tips

Baseball Coaching Tips: Working with Parents [INTRO MUSIC]>>DAVE BARR: We tell them upfront, and I do
believe that’s the key, is telling people upfront what your expectations are. And our teams are told ‘It doesn’t matter
who you are, you are not playing every inning of every game.’>>SCOTT RUARK: Being realistic about the opportunity
in front of them or the opportunity they’re going to have down the road.>>KEN GILL: It’s important for the parents
to know, I think, upfront when you’re, you know, either on a travel ball club or a league
team that may go deep in the all-star experience that there are finances involved. It does get to be pricey, one. Two, time. Families took off work to come to Pennsylvania
this weekend and this week. But there is no better experience, for sure. It’s well worth the trade-offs. [OUTRO MUSIC]

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