World Cup 2019 : India Vs Afghanistan

On Saturday 22nd June in Southhampton, England for the India vs Afghanistan match everyone was very excited. It started with a coin toss which India won. They chose to bat and Afghanistan has chosen to bowl. When India started batting, they played very slowly and scored very few runs. Virat Kohli scored a decent 67 runs after which he got out. Kedar Jadhav helped to increase the score by scoring 52 runs. India scored a total of 224-8 in 50 overs. When it was Afghanistan’s turn to bat, they came out swinging. They scored 106-2 in 28 overs. Virat Kohli was extremely tensed. He then ordered the world’s best and number one bowler to go bowl & his name is Jasprit Bumrah. He took two wickets in three overs & then the team relaxed a little Afghanistan’s Mohammad Nabi, played extremely well and scored 52 runs. In the 49th over which is the last over, they needed 16 runs to win with three wickets on hand. Indian bowler Mohammad Shami was chosen to bowl. When he bowled, the ball was hit for a four. Now in 5 balls they need 12 runs, as he already scored 4 runs. The Indian fans in the audience stopped cheering. They were quiet and stunned. They all thought that Afghanistan would win the match. When Mohammad Shami bowled next, it was a dot ball. Now in 4 balls 12 runs were needed. 3 wickets were still on hand. With 4 balls remaining, the bowler bowled and the batsman was thankfully caught out. At the next ball, the batsman was clean bowled. Again at the next ball, the last wicket was taken and India won by 12 runs. Afghanistan was all out at 213 runs. Earlier during the match with Afghanistan Virat Kohli appealed to the umpire that it was a LBW. However the umpire just shook his head. When the wicket wasn’t given, he charged towards the umpire and continued to angrily appeal. He had broken the rules and it was completely wrong. Being so angry is not allowed in the stadium. According to the rules if in the next two years he gets angry like that four times, as a punishment he will be given a one match ban. Virat Kohli has had angry altercations twice before. If it happens twice in the next two years, he will be given a one match ban. Since it has happened twice now, he has to pay a fine as per the rules. He has to pay 25% of the match fees. Kohli accepted the punishment and will not fight it. There was stiff competition in the New Zealand Vs West Indies match. Carlos Brathwaite played very well. They were hoping to score 6 runs n 7 balls. The West Indies batsman hit the ball but he was caught out. They lost and New Zealand won. They congratulated Carlos as he batted very well.

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