World Cup 2019: India vs New Zealand

Yesterday’s India vs New Zealand match that stopped mid-way resumed from the 46.1st over. In 23 balls New Zealand scored 28 runs. They scored 239-8 in their 50 overs. When it was India’s turn to bat, they hoped to win as New Zealand’s was easy to beat. However they quickly lost many wickets to New Zealand’s bowlers. India was at 5-3 in the 4th over. By the 10th over they were at 24-4. The players that got out were Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul. They all scored only one run each. Rishabh Pant and Dinesh Karthik tried their best to put a partnership. they scored 32 runs. In 31 overs India had scored 94-6. The pressure then fell on MS Dhoni and Ravindra Jadeja as they were the only two batsmen left. After them, there were only bowlers and no batsman They were under a lot of pressure. Jadeja played extremely well. He kept hitting boundaries and played very well. He scored 77 runs in 59 balls. However later he was caught out. People were still not worried as Dhoni was still there and he was a strong player. Jadeja and Dhoni had a partnership of 116 runs. Once Jadeja got out, Dhoni continued playing. Everyone knew that he is known for his closing skills and always leads the team to victory. 2 overs left India needed 31 runs, people still believed we could win. On the first ball of the 48th over Dhoni hit a six. On the 3rd ball, Dhoni fell to a run-out after a super throw by Martin Guptill. Everyone knew that India would now lose. India was all out for 221 runs in 49.3 overs. All the fans were very dejected and sad There are rumours that Dhoni may announce his retirement. Today’s match is between Australia and England. New Zealand has now qualified for the finals.

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