World Cup 2019 : India Vs NZ Match Washed Out

Yesterday for the India vs New Zealand everyone was very excited but it got cancelled. It was cancelled due to heavy rains. Four matches have been cancelled till now. Three of the matches were cancelled without a toss and without a single ball being bowled. The fourth match started but it was cancelled mid way due to the rains. Yesterday’s India vs New Zealand was cancelled, the teams were equally given one point each. The match was held in Nottingham, England . Two days prior to the match it was raining heavily. It continued to rain on the day of the match as well. People hoped it would stop raining but it remained the same and continued to pour. The Umpires waited for a long time. India and London are on different time zones. AT 7:30 pm IST, the umpires inspected the pitch and decided to call off the match. This is because the field was wet. It would make bowling and batting extremely difficult. It was raining heavily as well. This is why they cancelled the match. The ICC have said that ticket money will be returned to everyone. If the toss is complete and the match starts, then the money will not be returned. If none of it takes place, then the money will be returned. When people go to the stadium to buy tickets and if they are full, they then buy tickets from people who sell them on the black market. They buy it even if the prices are double. Now that the match was cancelled, the original price of the ticket would be returned. The extra amount paid in black was a loss that many had to suffer. A man who flew from Singapore had to bear the loss of paying for his flight, hotel and the extra amount he paid for purchasing the tickets in black. Since the India vs New Zealand match was cancelled, the original price of the ticket was returned. but he lost the extra amount he had paid He had paid Rs 70,000 for the tickets. He lost all of it. It has always rained like this in England. It is sad that so many matches were missed because of it. At the stadium, the pitch was covered by a plastic sheet. However the field around it wasn’t covered. It was raining heavily and everything became wet. Indian cricketer Sourav Ganguly said that, at the Eden Garden stadium in Kolkata the field as well as the pitch are covered entirely. These covers were bought from England. Why didn’t the ICC plan any of this? Why couldn’t they get the covers? On 16th June India will play Pakistan in Manchester, England. The weather is bad there as well. Lets hope for the best!

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