Summer Vacations have started ! & also the Cricket World Cup … Now watching world cup matches will be fun… Agree Bro… but the real fun is in watching it Live in stadiums.. ..That’s why I eat Shritania Biscuits, that i could win a ticket to England ! Children! just like in year 2011… …this time also we’ll win the World Cup ! Very well said Chaggan Bro ! & this time the teams are not divided into groups , Each team have to play with all the other teams, one by one … …just like I.P.L(Indian Premier League) Hurray ! Then there will be more enjoyment ! Agree ! If this year’s format is just-like I.P.L … …then there might be Cheer Leaders too ! Oh Uncle …its 50-50 Cricket … … not of 20-20 ! After dancing for such a long duration , we’ll get to know that… the match ends , & there the Cheer leaders need to take … … drip of Glucose ! I’ll thrash Bhikhu as we’ll reach home ! So Uncle , as per your prediction , whom do you think … …are the Contenders for the World Cup Finals ? Son , I strongly believes that the Finals must be an …. INDIA VS ENGLAND … & this time we might take revenge as LAGAAN from … ..those White Men , with Full-Interest !! WOW Chaggan dude …What a perfect Shot ! By the way , that ‘Bhaggu Panvadi’ not participated into today’s world cup discussions ? why ??.. yesterday a JCB machine was digging beside his house .. he went to watch it …. What to say about us ?.. ..whereever we use to see a JCB digging … we immediately reach there, assuming ourselves as an Engineer .. suddenly that place got over-crowded ! Then what happened ??.. What to be happened ? .. ..POLICE arrived there …. and ‘LATHI-CHARGED’ them … Oh my God !! Then what happened to Bhaggu ? Nothing so special … he also received 2-3 hits of lathis out of kindness … .. now lying in bed Comfortably (lol) … ..he is repenting for what he has done . Pity on him ! Due to that stupid JCB , he got his legs broken… He went to watch JCB , .. & came back being LBW Out !! You nailed it dude ! .. inserted Cricket even into … … this serious matter ! Bro ,that’s called a World Cup Fever , & now a days …. … ‘JCB’ is quite trending on Social-media … Digging by JCB , & foreign bowler’s hard hitting by our batsmen … ..both are Un-matchable !! Uncle , what’s the schedule of India’s matches … … in this world cup ? Tinda ! Here’s the schedule of all league matches to be played by INDIA . So friends , stick to the TV & watch this World Cup … .. but don’t forget to watch our videos ! Don’t skip without Liking this video … Subscribe to our channel & hit the bell-icon Here’s COMIC GALAXY wishing our “Men in Blue” … .. INDIAN Team a ‘BEST OF LUCK’ !!


  1. Always waiting for ur new video….Very hilarious video as always…Best of Luck to Team India…..

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